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Health Insurance is a not a matter of chance but a matter of choice and that too a choice that is made after careful evaluation and consideration of all vital factors. InsureMeNow is a comprehensive health insurance portal operating with the aim to helps Americans take highly informed decision while shopping for health insurance. You are sure to find an exhaustive information on diverse health insurance matter.

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Individual & Family Insurance

Individual & Family Insurance

Finding an Individual and Family health plan as per your need is a complex task, especially with so many plans offered by some leading insurance carriers. You have to consider factors like policy offerings, coverage, benefits, prices along with service rating, claims procedure and company's financial strength.

Medicare Insurance

Medicare Insurance

Medicare is a state-managed health plans designed for seniors over the age of 65, disabled adults receiving Social Security benefits and to individuals with end-stage renal disease. There are several Medicare plan structures available with nationally recognized insurers who partner with the government to provide medical care to the senior population.

Medigap Insurance

Medigap Insurance

Medigap or Medicare Supplement plans are designed to help Medicare beneficiaries pay some of the healthcare costs that are not covered under Medicare like coinsurance, deductibles and capayments. In most of the U.S. states there are ten standard Medigap plans that fill the gap between Medicare and medical expenses.

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It is important for every individuals to keep abreast of health insurance plans available in different states of the United States. As an informed consumer, you need to understand the building blocks of health insurance that will help you avoid misleading lingo and will ultimately help you pick the right plan and also help you end up saving you money. This is where InsureMeNow will come to your rescue and guide you through all the health insurance essentials that will make you competent in making the sound medical and financial decisions without compromising on the coverage.

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Health plans available through the Marketplace have to meet the requirements of qualified health plans. All the qualified health plans should cover essential health benefits, limit the copayments and deductible amounts, and cater to all consumer protection measures required under the Affordable Care Act. The different types of health plans available in the marketplace include:

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Bronze
  4. Platinum

These plans differ in terms of benefits covered and also based on the level of cost-sharing between the insurers and insured. Bronze plans have the lowest premiums and highest deductibles and other cost-sharing costs, whereas Platinum plans have the highest premium but lowest deductibles. Health plans also differ based on the networks of hospitals and other healthcare providers included in the plan. Enrollees of some of the plans are required to receive all non-emergency care in-network, whereas some of the plans provide some coverage on receiving out-of-network care.

While shopping for health insurance you should take into consideration your health as well as your financial condition. For instance, an individual of 27 years’ age who are in excellent health may opt for a low premium and high deductible plans such as a Bronze or Silver plan. People of older age having a chronic health condition or regular prescription expenses will find a Gold or Platinum plan best and affordable for them. Though these plans have a higher monthly premium but have lower out-of-pocket expenses for doctors’ visits and hospital stays. A disease or illness is quite unpredictable in life so you need to be prepared for the uncertainties that can adversely affect you financially.

There are several options from where you can buy a cheap and affordable plan exactly as per your health conditions and budget. You can buy a health plan either through or through your state's marketplace. Besides, some alternative sites allow you to shop, compare, and buy health insurance. The alternative health insurance portals also sell real, legitimate plans available on the marketplace. However, when shopping for alternative sites, you need to be careful as they also offer several plans that may have attractive low premiums, but might not be excluding pre-existing conditions, or offering no real coverage. As an inform shopper, you should be aware that health plans like short-term plans, cancer plans, or accidental plans are not major medical plans and these plans don't offer the protection that is offered with a marketplace plan.

It is mostly observed that while comparing a health plan, you mostly take into account the monthly premium of the plan, as this is the amount you pay every month to be covered. No doubt, premiums are important but it is just one aspect among the different factors that you should consider while finding a cheap and affordable health plan. You also need to be incredibly vigilant while looking at the plans' deductibles as well as copayments. You should try to understand the copayments not just for the doctor's visit but also for the emergency room and for medications. You need to realize that a plan with a low monthly premium but a higher deductible and copayment could end up costing you more in the end than a plan with a higher monthly premium. Besides, premium, deductible, and copays, you may also check whether the plan has coinsurance or not and what will be your total out-of-pocket maximum per year. The easiest way to compare plans is by checking a summary of benefits and coverage that not only lists plans' features but also lays out coverage amount under different potential scenarios.

Apart from the cost, you should pay attention to the list of doctors and hospitals included in the plan's list. You should make sure that your choice of doctor and hospital is included in your plan's network. The healthcare provider directories are available online both on the exchanges and on the insurance companies’ websites, but you should directly call your doctor and confirm whether they accept the plan you are considering to buy or not. Besides, the doctor, you should check whether hospitals near your home and office are in-network with the plans you are considering or not. When choosing a health insurance plan, it is also important for you to think not just about your known anticipated health care needs but also think about a chronic condition and what will your plan coverage in the case of catastrophic illness. Keeping these factors in mind you will be able to choose the best and affordable plan.

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