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Alabama residents who are looking for an affordable dental plan in Alabama to protect their dental health as well as their pocket need to invest some time to smartly shop for an affordable and lucrative dental plan. Alabama’s residents who spend good amount for their oral health will find having a dental insurance plan beneficial, as it will allow them to save substantially on dental care when they visit the dentist. Dental care plans in Alabama are designed to deliver dental care services at an affordable price. Most of the dental plans available in the state come with no waiting period for diagnostic and preventive services. The affordable and lucrative Alabama dental insurance plans are an ideal option for individuals and families who often need to visit dentists. The dental insurance plans in Alabama not only provide discounts on expensive dental procedures, but also offer low lifetime deductibles, and offers various choices for maximum benefits.

Different Types of Dental Plans available in Alabama

Individuals shopping for dental insurance plans in Alabama will find different types of dental plans available in the insurance marketplace. Different types of dental plans available in the state include:

PPO Dental Plans

This type of dental plan comes with a large network of dental providers, thereby giving members an option to choose from a group of dentists. On visiting an in-network dentist, members of the plan will be required to pay a discounted rate for the received dental care services, as the dentists in the network agreed to render dental care services at a discounted rate. Members of the plan are required to share a certain percentage for preventive services as well as for diagnostic and major services.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization Plans

In this plan, members are required to choose a dentist to receive dental care services for all their oral hygiene needs. If the members need to visit any dental specialist, then their primary dental physician should refer them to a specialist. DHMO dental plans do not have any copays, deductibles, or maximums. In case of visiting a dentist from outside of the network, members will be responsible to pay the entire cost of the dental care services.

Fee-for-service Dental Plans

Indemnity or Fee-for-service dental plans provide members a good option of dentists and members of this plan are required to pay a coinsurance for each plan. Just like the PPO dental plans, the percentage of the coinsurance will vary depending upon the dental care service received. In a fee-for-service dental plan, members may require paying a little extra for dental care but they are free to visit any dentist that accepts their plan.

Discount Dental Plans

This is exactly not insurance but some dental carriers make a contract with local dentists in Alabama to provide dental care services at a pre-negotiated rate. Discount dental plans are normally available in the form of discount savings cards and there is no deductible, have no waiting period, no maximums, and members are not required to pay for the plan like a traditional dental insurance plan.

Average Cost of Dental Insurance in Alabama

Individual dental insurance plans in Alabama cost around $45 per month. However, individuals may require to pay anywhere from $15 to $30 per month for a dental plan and the family dental plan may cost within the range of $27 to $56 per month. The cost of dental plans in Alabama usually depends on the type of dental coverage individuals want and whether they wish to obtain coverage for major dental care or not.

What is covered and Not-Covered under a Dental Insurance Plan in Alabama?

Dental insurance plans available in Alabama provide coverage for some part of the cost of dental-related care and procedures like tooth extractions, crowns, preventive care, fillings, root canals, and some oral surgeries. Some dental plans also provide coverage for braces and dentures.
However, individuals need to know that dental insurance plans do not provide coverage for cosmetic or elective procedures like teeth whitening or sealants. Dental insurance plans in Alabama generally have a maximum cap on what the dental insurance will pay for certain procedures and treatments. Members of dental plans have limits on certain dental services like dental x-rays, bridges or fillings on the same tooth, or fluoride treatments for children, preexisting conditions are also not covered under the dental insurance plans.

Some of the popular dental plans available in Alabama are:

  • Dental Blue®
  • Dental Blue® Select
  • Dental Blue® Plus
  • Guardian Direct® Advantage Gold
  • Hollywood Smile Plus 2000

Dental Insurance Providers in Alabama

Some of the reputed dental insurance providers operating in Alabama include:

  • Delta Dental
  • Nationwide
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
  • Ameritas
  • Find a Right Affordable Plan For You