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Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans in Alabama

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half a million population of Alabama do not have health insurance coverage. Though the uninsured rate in the state has dropped after the implementation of the Affordable Care Act but since the state has not expanded Medicaid coverage to include more low-income families, many Alabamians are unable to afford health insurance. If you are also one without health insurance, then you are susceptible to sky-high medical bills as well as debt. Thus, to avoid both the situation, you need to shop for an affordable private health insurance plan in Alabama that will protect you in case of a medical emergency. If you are shopping around for a new health plan in Alabama, then you will find several health plans offered by the two carriers. Depending upon your age, income, and family size you can find a private affordable health plan of your choice.

Vital Statistics

  • The Alabama state has nearly 5 million populations and over half of the population gets health insurance coverage from their employers.
  • Nearly 36% of the residents of Alabama obtain coverage through Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Around half a million residents of Alabama do not have health insurance coverage.
  • Alabama uses the federally facilitated health insurance marketplace that is used by all individuals who need to obtain private health insurance plans for themselves and their families.
  • About 160,429 residents enrolled in 2020 individual market plans through the Alabama exchange.
  • The Blue Cross Select Silver was the cheapest Silver health plan in Alabama in the majority of counties in 2021.
  • The average monthly cost of health insurance in Alabama is $550 for a 40-year-old for the 2021 health coverage.
  • There are two insurers available on the Alabama state exchange.
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama offer affordable health plans across all coverage tiers.

Different Metal-tiers of Individual and Family Plans in Alabama

Alabama health insurance marketplace offers private health insurance plans in the expanded bronze, silver, and gold category. Bronze metal-tier of plans come with the cheapest premiums but pay the lowest percentage of the covered care. Whereas the Gold plans come with the highest monthly premiums but pays the highest percentage of the covered care. The ACA-compliant private health insurance plans make sense for all such individuals whose employers do not offer health insurance. Uninsured individuals of the state who are looking to purchase a health insurance plan can enroll in a health plan during the Open Enrollment Period. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has re-opened enrollment for health insurance that is opened till May 15, 2021.

Average Cost of Health Insurance by Metal-Tier in Alabama

Type of Metal-Tier Monthly Premium for 21-Year Monthly Premium For 40-Year
Expanded Bronze $317 $406
Silver $444 $567
Gold $530 $677

Private Health Insurance Options in Alabama

The uninsured population of Alabama can shop for an affordable private health insurance plan on the state marketplace. Individuals who have regular prescriptions or who often use healthcare services can consider purchasing a Gold plan. Though Gold plans have little higher monthly premiums but the 80% of the covered healthcare costs are paid by the carriers, whereas the remaining 20% of the healthcare costs are paid by the insured. Thus, the Gold plans will turn out to be the best option for individuals who often require healthcare services. Silver health plans are also a good option for individuals who wish to have an affordable plan. In Silver health plans, 70% of the covered healthcare costs are paid by the carriers and the remaining 30% of the healthcare cost are paid by the insured. Thus, an affordable plan will vary from one person to another and every person will need to choose a plan depending upon their budget and requirements.

Some of the popular private plans in Alabama include:

  • Blue HSA Gold
  • Blue Value Gold$
  • Blue Cross Select Gold$
  • Blue Secure Silver
  • Blue Cross Select Silver$
  • Blue Saver Silver
  • Blue Saver Bronze$
  • Blue HSA Bronze$

Health Insurance Carriers in Alabama

Two health insurance companies are operating in Alabama state, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Bright Health Insurance Company. However, residents of only these four counties, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby, and Walker will be able to purchase health plans of Bright Health Insurance Company whereas Blue Cross and Blue Shield health plans are available throughout the state.

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