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Best Dental Insurance Arizona

Residents of Arizona need to know that their major medical health insurance only covers dental problems in case of an emergency, thus they need to ensure that they and their families are completely protected with the right dental insurance plan. Without having a proper dental plan, individuals will have to pay out-of-pocket expenses for routine dental checkups, cleanings, fillings, tooth extraction, along with some other dental procedures. After all, nobody would like to turn a small dental problem into a major dental or health issue that can severely affect their financial conditions. Most of the dental plans available in Arizona cover around 50% of the major dental injury costs, thereby allowing people to be tension-free as far as their oral health is concerned.

What is generally covered under Dental Insurance Plans in Arizona?

Individuals looking to purchase an affordable dental insurance plan in Arizona might already know a set of benefits that come along with a stand-alone health plan. However, they need to know that dental plans do not follow such rules and are free to choose the dental care benefits that they want to cover in their dental plans. Thus, the ten different dental plans may have a different monthly premium and maybe offering completely different benefits. Dental insurance plans generally available in Arizona cover 100% of preventive dental care costs, 80% of basic dental care costs, and 50% of major dental care costs. Individuals need to know that each dental insurance carrier can choose dental care services in each category. For example, a particular dental insurance carrier may consider a root canal as a basic procedure, whereas other carriers may classify a root canal as a major procedure. Therefore, people need to carefully shop for a dental plan.

Different Types of Dental Coverage available in Arizona

Arizona’s residents who are looking to purchase a stand-alone dental insurance plan can check the plans offered by the leading dental carriers available in the state. Arizona’s residents have choices for dental insurance plans just like the health insurance choices. Residents have the option to choose between Dental PPO Plans, Dental HMO Plans, or Dental Indemnity Plans. Individuals who want to have a low-cost dental plan can choose HMO dental plan that usually comes with low premium costs and provides dental care services within a restricted network. Individuals who wish to have the freedom and want to choose a dentist of their choice should opt for PPO dental plan that allows members flexibility to choose a dentist but this type of dental plan costs more than HMO dental plans. A dental discount plan differs from the other two types, as this plan pays a fixed percentage for the covered dental care services.

PPO Dental Plans

PPO dental plans available in Arizona provide its member’s freedom to visit any dentist, though they will have to pay more for visiting out-of-the-network dentists. Members of the PPO dental plan have access to the largest dental networks and they will be able to save a good amount while availing preventive dental care like cleanings and regular check-ups and will also save on expensive and unexpected oral treatments like crowns and root canals.

HMO Dental Plans

Health Maintenance Organization dental plans operate just like HMO health plans. Members of the plan are supposed to visit any of the in-network dentists to seek dental care services. This type of dental plan is ideal for individuals who wish to obtain affordable dental coverage on a budget. The plan offers less freedom to its members when it comes to choosing a dentist but this is surely an affordable option for people who wish to save on their dental coverage.

Dental Discount Plan

This is not exactly a type of dental plan but people enrolled in this dental coverage get a certain discount on various dental care services. Individuals enrolled in this coverage get a discount card on which discounted rates of different dental care services are mentioned that they need to pay to the dentists on receiving the dental care.

Dental Insurance Carriers available in Arizona:

Delta Dental
Physicians Mutual

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