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Arkansas, a southern U.S. state is known as the Natural State and the Bear State and is also famous for its abundant park and wilderness areas comprising of mountains, caves, rivers and hot springs.

It is also the birthplace of Walmart and is renowned for the stunning Mount Ida. Though rich in natural beauty, the state seems to struggle with its health status in the past few years. The state was within the five bottom spots in terms of health in the last year but the things are expected to be soon picking up. As per a recent  County Health Rankings report, approximately 19% of residents under the age of 65 have no health insurance in Arkansas. Thus, to improve this the state has implemented several changes in its health exchange program in order to reduce the rate of uninsured residents. The state also need to increase the public health funding so that increase number of residents opt for health insurance coverage. Arkansas is among the top 25 states with the most Public Health funding and so the residents of this state should take advantage of this and improve their health status.

Top Health Insurance plan in Arkansas

  • Ambetter from Arkansas Health & Wellness

    Ambetter Essential Care 1 (2021)

    premium $264.1/mo

    Deductible $8300/yr

    Insurance Type PPO
    HSA Eligible No
  • Ambetter from Arkansas Health & Wellness

    Ambetter Essential Care 1 (2021) + Vision + Adult Dental

    premium $275.41/mo

    Deductible $8300/yr

    Insurance Type PPO
    HSA Eligible No
  • Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

    Bronze Plan 1

    premium $281.65/mo

    Deductible $8550/yr

    Insurance Type PPO
    HSA Eligible No
  • Ambetter from Arkansas Health & Wellness

    Ambetter Essential Care 5 (2021)

    premium $283.58/mo

    Deductible $8100/yr

    Insurance Type PPO
    HSA Eligible No
  • Ambetter from Arkansas Health & Wellness

    Ambetter Essential Care 5 (2021) + Vision + Adult Dental

    premium $295.73/mo

    Deductible $8100/yr

    Insurance Type PPO
    HSA Eligible No

Updates of Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace

  • Arkansas has the federally run health insurance exchange so applicants enroll through
    Arkansas residents can purchase affordable health coverage through the state health insurance exchange.
  • Arkansas see some of the lowest premiums in the U.S. for Individual and family health insurance plans.
  • The average premium in 2019 in Arkansas is a $14 increase over its average rate in 2018.
  • During the 2019 open enrollment period the average benchmark premiums in the Arkansas marketplace was $378 for a 40 year old individual, which is slightly lower than the national average of $477.
  • In the individual and family health insurance market, there are four insurers offering coverage in the Arkansas in 2019.
  • In Arkansas short-term health plans are available with initial plan terms of up to 364 days.
  • In 2018 around 68,000 Arkansas residents enrolled through the exchange.
  • Starting with the 2019 Marketplace, there is no longer a tax penalty for not having health insurance.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans Options in Arkansas

Individual health insurance programs in Arkansas are designed for individuals and families who are unable to obtain health insurance through an employer. With the rising healthcare cost, it has become important for the Arkansas residents to have health insurance for themselves and their family. The state offers several health insurance programs for individuals and families to offer extensive coverage and even high deductible programs that are designed to protect them against catastrophic financial losses. Individual and family health insurance in Arkansas include:

Fee-for-Service Plans

In this individual health plans, healthcare professionals are paid for the medical services, which they provide to their patient. Individuals are free to choose the doctor of their choice and the claims can either be filled by the healthcare provider or by the individuals. This plan reimburse a certain percentage of the cost.

Health Maintenance Organization

In HMOs plans a network of doctors, hospitals, clinics, specialists and other healthcare providers are created to offer comprehensive coverage to all individuals insured under this plan. In case of any healthcare need the insured need to visit to the network doctors only and will require a referral before seeing any specialist or other healthcare professionals. This plan is affordable compare to other plans options.

PPO Plans

PPO plans are somewhat similar to HMO plans with the only difference that this plan offers more flexibility. Individuals can go to any healthcare professionals they wish, however visiting a network doctor will have a lower out-of-pocket costs.

Point-of-Service Plan

POS plans come with the features of both HMO and PPO plans and the plan benefits depend on whether one receive care within the network of providers. In this plan one choose primary care doctors and need referrals to network specialist like HMO plans. In this plan also one can receive non-network care but with increase out-of-pocket costs just like PPO plans.

Short Term Plans in Arkansas

Short-term health insurance plans are great options for Arkansas residents when they are between jobs, waiting fir group coverage to start or need an affordable solution to traditional health insurance for some time. Short term plans cover benefits like emergency care and hence work well for individuals who don’t require regular medical care like frequent visit to the doctor or expensive prescriptions. While looking for short-term plans in Arkansas keep the following things in mind:

  • Short term plans in Arkansas do not cover pre-existing medical conditions and do not include benefits provided by the more comprehensive plans like  minimum essential benefits required for qualified plans under ACA.
  • Renewal of short-term term plans are not guaranteed, thus if one develops any condition while being in a short-term plan then your plan may not be renewed and one may also be excluded from the policy.
  • Buying a short term health insurance plan in Arkansas may make one ineligible for any guaranteed  individual health plans.

Dental Plans in Arkansas

Dental plans in Arkansas are affordable and easy-to-use options that provide access to a network of thousands of dentists who have agreed to offer services at significantly reduced rates. The affordable dental insurance plans in Arkansas offer coverage on several dental procedures like checkups, teeth cleanings, root canals, x-rays and more. The following three types of dental insurance plans available in Arkansas are:

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

PPO dental plans have a network of participating dentists and the insured are required to visit dentist from this network to get their dental work done. The dentists associated in the network agree to a insurance company negotiated rates to keep the dental care costs down for the PPO members. Though, one can go out of network dentists but the pocket costs will dramatically increase.


In indemnity dental insurance plan one has the option to visit any dentist, as there are no network but the dental insurance company will only pay usual, customary and reasonable bill amount only. The insurance company will pay benefits what their network dental care provider would have charged and the remaining amount has to be paid by the insured itself.

Dental Discount

Dental Discount is not a conventional insurance plan, as there is no billing and no insurance forms to fill out. One just need to visit the dentist within the plan network to receive the discounts on dental service, which they received.

Vision Plan in Arkansas

Vision plan in Arkansas cover eye prescriptions, prescriptions eye wear and contact lenses. You have two options for vision coverage: the Basic Plan and the Enhanced Plan. You have the option to see a provider in the Superior Vision National network or an out-of-network provider; however, you’ll always pay more for out-of-network services.

Arkansas Health Insurance FAQ

Yes, all the people residing in Arkansas are required to have health insurance coverage, as per the Affordable Care Act. Arkansas uses the federally run health insurance exchange so you can enroll in health plans through Though technically the Affordable Care Act still requires you to have health insurance in Arkansas, but the federal tax penalty for going without health insurance is no more effective in the state. However, you still need to report your coverage status on your federal tax returns but you will not have to pay a penalty in case if you are not covered.

Currently, the following four health insurance companies operating on the Arkansas state marketplace.

• QCA Health Plan Inc.
• Celtic Insurance Co.
• QualChoice Life & Health Insurance Co. Inc.
• USAble Mutual Insurance Co.

Except for QualChoice, the other three health insurance companies are available in every county. However, if you are looking for the best and cheapest health insurance plan then you should start your search with Celtic Insurance Co. because this company offers the cheapest silver plan in every county.

The best and cheap health insurance plans in Arkansas will vary depending upon your choice of coverage as well as the county in which you live. However, you should know that higher metal-tier health plans like Gold have expensive monthly premiums but come with lower out-of-pocket expenses. Thus, if you suspect of becoming sick or have high recurring medical costs can opt for this higher metal tier health plan. If you are healthy and young and are financially capable of paying higher medical costs in case of a medical emergency, then you should opt for a lower metal-tier health plan. The cheapest health insurance plan in every county of Arkansas is the Ambetter Balanced Care 12. Starting in 2020, this policy has the same price in every county and costs $358 to a person of age 40-year.

Arkansas residents have plenty of health care options and they have several ways to obtain health plans in their state. Right from employer-sponsored plans, which they can obtain either through their employer or their spouse employer, to individual and family plan that they can purchase through or directly from a health insurance company to government-assisted health insurance programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

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