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About Cigna

Cigna, headquartered in Bloomfield, Connecticut, is a global healthcare services provider formed in the year 1982. The company is formed as a result of the amalgamation of two very old and well respected name of the insurance industry, INA Corporation and Connecticut General Corporation.

Both these insurance companies were quite old, as the Insurance Company of North America (INA) was founded in 1792 and Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG) was founded in 1865. The company is globally spread across the world having presence in more than 30 countries with annual revenue of over $32 billion and employs over 35,000 employees all over the world. The company is also known for its philanthropic activity, as they contribute more than $11 million to charitable organizations every year. The company is available for their customers 24/7 and is known to have an expansive network created to cater the health care goals of people. The company operates with the mission to improve the health, well-being along with peace of mind of the people.

Plans Offered by Cigna

The company right from its inception is working with the spirit to keep people healthy by offering a wide range of health insurance options through its diverse health plans. Cigna aims to be people’s partner in providing them with complete health and hence offers affordable health insurance coverage for individuals and families that fits their needs and budget. Cigna and its subsidiaries offer different types of health insurance policies ranging from individual and family health insurance, Medicare Advantage plans, along with dental and vision plans. Cigna health plans are definitely a good option for people looking for cheap health care options.

Cigna Individual Health Insurance Plan

Individuals will find Cigna individual health plans in their state health insurance marketplace and they can purchase the plan of their choice if they are not receiving coverage through their employer or through government-funded programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Cigna offers individual health plans in the four metal-tiers such as bronze, Expanded Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans. The cost, coinsurance, and deductibles of the plans in these categories vary. The table given below presents an overview on all the available metal-tier of the plan with a monthly premium for different age groups.

Metal Tier Plan Name Age 21 Age 40 Age 60  
Bronze Cigna Connect 7150 $268.00 $344.00 $730.00 call an expert
Expanded Bronze Cigna Connect 5500 $286.00 $365.00 $775.00 call an expert
Silver Cigna Connect 2800 $342.00 $438.00 $929.00 call an expert
Gold Cigna Connect 1000 $357.00 $456.00 $968.00 call an expert

Individuals interested in Cigna’s individual plans can buy these plans only during their state’s open enrollment period, or if they qualify for a special enrollment period. Cigna individual health plans are the cheapest and the most affordable health plans available on the state exchanges across all age groups when compared to individual plans of other insurance carriers.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Besides individual health plans, Cigna is also renowned to offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement plans to people who are already enrolled in the Medicare program. Cigna’s Medicare Advantage plans not only have the combined benefits of Medicare Part A and Part B but also include coverage for dental, vision, as well as prescription drugs. Cigna Medicare Advantage plans are divided into four tiers of coverage including:

  • Cigna-HealthSpring True Choice (PPO)
  • Cigna-HealthSpring Preferred (HMO)
  • Cigna-HealthSpring Premium (HMO-POS)
  • Cigna-HealthSpring Advantage (HMO)

Medicare Advantage plans offered by Cigna are free of cost but come with different deductibles and copays for in-network and out-of-network coverage. Before purchasing a Medicare Advantage plan people should carefully review the benefits of each plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Cigna offers different Medicare Supplement plans like A, G, N, and F for medicare enrollees, who can purchase the right Medicare Supplement coverage as per their requirements. The benefits of having Medicare Supplement plans from Cigna is that this carrier offers a household premium discount. If multiple people from a family are enrolled in the same Medicare Supplement plans, then they all will be eligible for a discount on their monthly premiums.

Dental Plans

Cigna health insurance carrier offers dental plans also that people can purchase either in conjunction with their health insurance plans or on a stand-alone basis. Cigna offers dental plans in the following three tiers of coverage:

  • Cigna Dental Preventive plan that has a monthly premium of $19
  • Cigna Dental 1000 plan that has a monthly premium of $30
  • Cigna Dental 1500 plan that has a monthly premium of $35

Cigna dental 1500 plan is the only dental plan providing coverage for restorative services like root canals, crowns, and dentures. All dental plans offered by Cigna have the same network providers and policyholders will not have access to a special doctor even if they select a dental plan of a higher level.

Vital Facts Related to the Company

  • Cigna is a financially sound insurance company having diverse health care plans that fit several health care needs.
  • The company has excellent financial strength ratings as well amazing customer service ratings from J.D. Power & Associates and is rated among the reputed insurance organizations.
  • Cigna has an expansive network of more than 500,000 doctors and more than 8,000 participating hospitals.
  • The insurance carrier also has over 70,000 dentists in the provider care network nationally.
  • The online portal of the company is comprehensive and easy-to-navigate.
  • Clients and customers of Cigna health insurance company do not require referral to see an out-of-network health care provider, though one enjoys great discount on consulting physician within the network.
  • The company has a national call center that is open 24/7.

State Availability

Cigna is a well renowned insurance company of the U.S., which is known to have a worldwide presence. However, the company offers health insurance in 12 states of the U.S. that include Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Customer Service

Cigna is an insurance company that has earned immense appreciation and acknowledgment from its clients and customers all over. The company is 24/7 available for their clients whenever they need. Whether the clients have a query regarding their plan benefits, or need help to find a doctor near them, or wish to know the status of their submitted claim, they can get in touch with the company’s customer care team during any time of the day or night from anywhere in the world. The clients and customers of Cigna have access to the company’s representatives through email, telephone, toll-free numbers available 24/7. The company’s work ethics is focused around the mission to improve health, well being and sense of security in clients and the customer-support team leave no stone unturned to meet and exceed their every client’s expectation.

The Bottom Line

Cigna, a premier insurance carrier of the U.S., holds years of experience and have great expertise in dealing with varied customers’ needs and requirements. The company is known for its great products and services and is also appreciated for its fast claim procedure. The company aims to reimburse their client’s claim within 5 working days after receiving all required documentation. Clients have quick and easy access to healthcare facilities and professionals

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