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Affordable Dental Insurance Colorado

With dental coverage not included in most of the major health insurance plans, residents of Colorado just like any other state need to purchase a stand-alone dental plan to financially protect themselves from the expensive dental treatments. The best thing about dental insurance is that individuals can shop for dental plans throughout the year, as they don’t have to wait for the open enrollment period to purchase a dental plan. A majority of Colorado residents believe that maintaining good oral health is essential for protecting good oral and overall health, so residents are making effort to enroll in a good dental plan. However, selecting the best dental plan among all the options available is a complex task and people need to carefully compare dental plans offered by different dental carriers of Colorado. Individuals who find difficulty in selecting the best dental plan in Colorado can seek the help and assistance of experts who can assist them in choosing the ideal dental plan as per their budget and oral health.

Different Types of Dental Plans available in Colorado

Individuals shopping for dental plans in Colorado need to understand the types of dental plans offered by different carriers in Colorado. Understanding the types of dental plans available in the state is crucial as their choice of dental plan will determine the benefits offered to them and how they can access those benefits. The two most common types of dental plan available in Colorado include:

PPO Dental Plan

Preferred Provider Organization or PPO is the most common dental plan in Colorado that allows its members to visit any dentist of their choice. However, some of the PPO dental plans have a series of in-network dental offices that members can visit to take advantage of the discounts offered by the in-network clinics on several dental care procedures. Though members of PPO dental plans have the freedom to visit any dentist but they will have to pay more from their pocket while visiting a dentist outside of the network. Members of this type of dental plan have access to the largest network of dental care providers and they will save a good amount of money while receiving preventive as well as expensive oral care treatments.


Dental Health Maintenance Organization is a preferred dental plan for people who want to have dental coverage at an affordable price. The DHMO dental plans have a network of dentists and members are supposed to visit a dentist from the network of dentists to receive any type of dental care treatment. On visiting a dentist outside the network, members have to pay the entire amount of their treatment by themselves. Though this type of dental plan does not offer much freedom to its members but this is an ideal plan for people on a budget.

What Does Colorado Dental Plans Cover?

Dental insurance plans unlike health insurance plans don’t have to provide coverage for the essential health benefits. This means that dental benefits covered under a plan might not be covered on another dental plan. Thus, individuals need to carefully go through the benefits before enrolling in a dental plan. Most of the dental plans available in Colorado provide coverage for the following:

Routine Diagnostics and Care

Most of the dental plans in Colorado provide coverage for routine dental care like cleanings and regular dental checkups.

Basic Dental Treatments

Colorado dental plans also provide coverage for basic and common corrective treatments like tooth extractions and cavity fillings.

Major Dental Treatments

Some dental plans also provide coverage for less common and expensive dental treatments like dentures and bridges.

The dental insurance plans cover only a part of the dental care cost that varies by plan. The majority of the dental plans cover 100% of the cost of routine dental care, 70% cost of the basic dental treatments, and 50% cost of the major dental procedures. Here people need to understand that dental plans having more expensive monthly premiums cover a larger part of the dental care bills.

Dental Insurance Carriers available in Colorado

After gaining an insight into the types of dental plans available in the state and the benefits generally covered under a dental plan, individuals should check the dental carriers available in their state. Some of the carriers offering dental insurance in Colorado include:

  • Smart Health Dental
  • Delta Dental
  • Careington
  • Cigna

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