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Best Health Insurance Companies - Your Key to the Healthy Life

Currently, in the United States, there are over 900 health insurance companies offering health coverage to people across the nation. However, the trust and faith of the majority of the people is earned only by a few leading and reckoned name of the health insurance industry. The dominance of these companies is visible in the insurance market, as these companies enjoy a major share of the insured population. As an educated and informed health insurance shoppers you need to be vigilant in your approach and shop from a carrier who can provide you the best health protection at a price that doesn't break your bank. If in case you seek any assistance in selecting the best health insurance company, then we at, InsureMeNow will help you out by providing you vital facts and information regarding these companies that will help you in choosing the ideal company for obtaining comprehensive health coverage.

Browse, compare, and buy health insurance plans from major health insurance providers across the states. Get the plans of all the major health insurance companies under one roof. Choosing the right plan goes a long way to help you obtain the best coverage at a reduced price, thereby eliminating the chance that a catastrophic illness or injury devastate you financially. Our online portal gives you a chance to compare health plans of all leading health insurance companies to find a plan that will work best for you and also fits your budget. Based on some government data and statistics along with customers' reviews we have compiled a list of leading companies that are reckoned in the health insurance industry.

Leading U.S. Health Insurance Companies in Terms of Market Share

Health Insurance Company Market Share Percentage
UnitedHealth Group Inc. 14.10%
Anthem 9.60%
Humana Inc. 8.40%
Centene Corp. 8.30%
HealthCare Services Corp. 5.20%
CVS Health Corp 3.40%
Kaiser Permanente 2.60%

Health Insurance Companies available in Your State

Irrespective of the rising uncertainties amidst the ongoing pandemic, its impact on the individual market enrollment and health insurance companies' participation in the ACA marketplaces is consistently increasing for the last three years. In 2021 insurer participation will equal average participation levels at the outset of the marketplaces in 2014.

Total Number of Insurers in Every State in 2021 and the Cheapest Monthly Premium

State Cheapest Monthly Premium for a 40-year old No. of Carriers in 2021
Alabama $293.78. 2
Alaska $433.00 2
Arizona $246.00 6
Arkansas $322.00 3
California $253.00 11
Colorado $254.00 8
Connecticut $337.00 2
Delaware $303.00 1
DC $231.65 2
Florida $200.00 9
Georgia $264.00 6
Hawaii $197.00 2
Idaho $309.00 5
Illinois $279.00 8
Indiana $291.00 3
Iowa $257.00 3
Kansas $244.00 6
Kentucky $248.00 2
Louisiana $408.00 3
Maine $206.00 3
Maryland $222.00 3
Massachusetts $271.00 8
Michigan $200.00 8
Minnesota $223.00 6
Mississippi $397.00 2
Missouri $221.00 8
Montana $266.00 3
Nebraska $260.00 2
Nevada $254.00 5
New Hampshire $177.00 3
New Jersey $319.00 3
New Mexico $211.00 5
New York $143.00 12
North Carolina $180.00 6
North Dakota $154.00 3
Ohio $188.00 9
Oklahoma $250.00 6
Oregon $237.00 5
Pennsylvania $189.00 7
Rhode Island $231.00 2
South Carolina $201.00 4
South Dakota $235.00 2
Tennessee $318.00 6
Texas $210.00 10
Utah $241.00 5
Vermont $491.00 2
Virginia $236.00 8
Washington $252.00 9
West Virginia $422.00 2
Wisconsin $226.00 13
Wyoming $572.00 1
US Average $328.00 5

The U.S. health insurance industry is dominated by five companies UnitedHealthcare, Anthem, Humana, Health Care Service Corporation, and CVS Health Corp controlling more than 38% of the market. All these health insurance carriers provide comprehensive health insurance products to individuals and companies along with other health coverage like Medicaid, Medicare, dental insurance, and vision insurance. All health insurance plans offered by these companies, regardless of metal-tier are eligible for premium subsidies that substantially reduce monthly premium of individuals whose income is low enough to qualify.

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