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Best Connecticut Health Insurance Plans

In Connecticut, one can buy individual health insurance through the AccessHealthCT state exchange.

The exchange lets you explore and find a health insurance policy that suits your needs better. In Connecticut, two insurers provide health insurance services. They are Anthem BlueCross BlueShield and ConnectiCare.

Following are the salient features of Connecticut Health Insurance:

  • In the state, Open enrollment for 2020 plans is scheduled to run from November 1 to December 15, 2019
  • As of now, Anthem and Connecticare Benefits are offering 2019 coverage through the Connecticut exchange. They will continue to so in 2020 as well
  • In 2019, about 111,000 people benefited from 2019 coverage through the Connecticut exchange
  • Connecticut became the first state that adopted the ACA’s Medicaid expansion
  • Connecticut offers short-term plan that’s limited to six months duration and without renewals.

Connecticut’s health marketplace:

Access Health CT is state’s most technologically advanced state-run exchange that offers insurance coverage to the people in the Connecticut. Open enrollment for 2020 coverage in Connecticut will run from November 1 to December 15, 2019. The plans will be effective from January 1, 2020.

Anthem and ConnectiCare are two carriers that successfully offered 2019 coverage through Access Health CT. They will continue to doing so in 2020 as well. The average rate increase for 2019 individual market plans was 2.72 percent, and for 2020, it’s 3.65 percent. In 2019, 111,066 people enrolled for 2019 coverage through Access Health CT. As of 2019, pregnancy included as a qualifying event that allows a pregnant woman to enroll in ACA-compliant individual market coverage in Connecticut.

Health Insurance Plans for Individual and Families:

When you are discovering health insurance plans in Connecticut, explore the options available. You may want to have the best-fit health insurance plans in the state that is according to your lifestyle and helps you get the right insurance plan on your budget.

Short Term Health Insurance Plans:

Short term health insurance plans are made by Golden Rule Insurance Company. This is a flexible health insurance coverage that’s limited to a short term and a best suited when your life is under transition.

A person is eligible for short term health insurance plans in Connecticut if he had failed to enroll for Affordable Care Act (ACA) and don’t qualify for special Enrollment. One can also opt for the short term health insurance plan if he is waiting for his ACA coverage to start and needs insurance for the time being.

Youth who is approaching 26 year of age and coming off their parent’s insurance can also apply for the for short term insurance benefits.

Benefits of Short term health Insurance:

Short term health insurance offers a slew of amazing benefits. It’s very flexible and offers quick coverage when you need it the most. The plan offers fast coverage and benefits start accumulating on the day when file the application.

Short term health insurance options allow beneficiaries to pick deductible amount from several options. Beneficiary may himself pick the overall length of coverage or drop coverage with no penalty.

Beneficiary can apply for another short term health insurance plan if the first one ends. Person who opts for the short term health insurance may have access to the widest network of health care professionals and 6,000 hospitals and other facilities.

Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance plans in Connecticut are designed to offer beneficiaries coverage for common dental care issues. The plan pays the expenses for dental services at all levels whether it’s preventive, basic and major. There are many dental insurance plans available as per the beneficiary’s needs.

Most dental plans include coverage for preventive care like routine exams, cleanings, and X-rays. Moreover, some plans require copay for preventive services while some plans offer full coverage with no copay. It entirely depends on the dental insurance plan you choose. However, preventive services are mostly covered in any standard dental insurance plan.

  • Dental insurance for preventive care covers expenses for routine cleanings and fluoride treatments with no deductible or any short of waiting period
  • Some plans even offer coverage for basic services like fillings or emergency treatment for dental pain. Coverage for retainers and root canals are decided over plan’s deductible and waiting periods
  • Patients having dental insurance will have access to a dental network of more than 85,000 dental offices, in private and retail.
  • The plan has no age restrictions. The coverage is available for every member of your family and every stage of life.

Vision Insurance Plans

Connecticut vision insurance plans are made to offer beneficiaries low cost vision coverage as per their individual needs and the budget. One can explore the plans and their benefits and then subscribe one that’s affordable. These vision insurance plans include access to network providers and help you access the coverage at no additional cost. While choosing the plan, go with the one that provides complete coverage for eye exams and lenses as well as in-network discounts for vision related products.

In Connecticut, vision insurance is sold as supplemental insurance policy with lower premiums than most standard health insurance plans. Due to the fact that it isn’t covered in the most health insurance policies, exams and glasses become very expensive without vision insurance.

These vision insurance plans are affordable and offer access to nation’s largest vision benefits providers. The plans cover eye exams, frames, lens enhancement, and contacts. With the plan, the beneficiary gets access to more than 33,000 in-network of doctors nationwide and personalized services.


FAQ on Connecticut Health Insurance

Though a handful of states have passed their health insurance requirements Connecticut is not one of the states. So all the residents of the state are not required to have health insurance and will not have to pay any penalty for remaining uninsured in the state. However, if you are interested and wish to have health insurance coverage to protect yourself and your family from sudden medical expenses then the Affordable Care Act requires you to have minimum essential coverage.

Residents of Connecticut can enroll in health plans through a state-run health insurance marketplace, named Access Health CT. Even the two health insurance companies, Anthem, and Connecticare Benefits offer coverage through the state-run Connecticut health insurance marketplace.

Individual health plans in Connecticut is available for purchase through the AccessHealthCT state exchange. Though the health plan price varies from individual to individual and depends on an individual’s age, health conditions, and the area in which they live. The cheapest Bronze plan in Connecticut is the Passage Bronze Alternative PCP POS plan having a monthly premium of $309 for a 40-year old, whereas the cheapest silver plan is the Choice Silver Standard POS plan having a monthly premium of $503 for a 40-year old, and the cheapest Gold plan is Gold HMO Pathway X Enhanced Tiered having a monthly premium of $486.
While searching for the best health insurance plan in Connecticut, individuals need to consider their income level and expected medical expenses. Besides, the state has also expanded Medicaid to cover all those people having a household income of less than 138% of the federal poverty level. If individuals are not eligible for Medicaid coverage, then they can purchase an individual health plan through the state marketplace. Depending on their health conditions and budget, people can accordingly purchase a plan of either Gold, Silver, or Bronze metal-tier plan. People should not only take decision-based on the monthly premium of the plan but should also consider deductible and out-of-pocket expenses associated with the plan.
Two health insurance carriers who are offering health insurance coverage in 2020 through the Connecticut health insurance marketplace are Anthem and Connecticare Benefits. The average rate increase for 2020 individual market plans was 3.65%, including plans sold on and off-exchange.

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