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Affordable Individual Health Insurance Connecticut

The uninsured residents of Connecticut should purchase a health plan so that they can have access to healthcare at the time of medical emergency. People not only get financial protection with health insurance but also complete peace of mind. Individuals looking for a health insurance plan in Connecticut can enroll through a state-run health insurance marketplace, Access Health CT. With the coming of the Affordable Care Act, individuals now have more options to purchase health insurance. The individual mandate, a key provision of the Act, requires individuals to have health insurance either through a private health insurance plan or through a state or federally assisted program. Individuals shopping for health insurance in Connecticut can visit the state’s official health insurance marketplace to collect information on qualified health care coverage options offered by health insurance companies and public health care programs.

Vital Statistics Related to Connecticut Health Insurance

  • The total population of Connecticut is around 3.5 million.
  • Nearly 105,000 residents of Connecticut enrolled in 2021 health coverage through the Connecticut exchange.
  • The state has fewer uninsured citizens, with just 5% of the population being uninsured.
  • Over half of the state’s population gets health coverage through their employers.
  • For a majority of people, the cheapest health insurance plan in Connecticut is the Choice Silver Standard POS plan.
  • To allow its uninsured residents an opportunity to enroll in a health plan of their choice, Access Health CT is offering an enrollment window that runs from May 1 to August 15, 2021, as per the American Rescue Plan.
  • Access Health CT is the official health insurance marketplace of Connecticut providing information about qualified health care coverage offered by health insurance companies and public health care programs.
  • Two health insurance carriers are offering health plans in Connecticut.

Different Metal-tiers of Plans available in Connecticut

Individuals who don’t have health coverage in the state are taking a big risk because a minor illness or accident can leave them with hefty medical bills, putting their finances at great risk. Individuals looking for a new health insurance policy in Connecticut will find several options, though people are advised to enroll in ACA-compliant health plans, as these plans cannot deny them health coverage even based on their preexisting health conditions. Individual health plans in Connecticut are categorized into four different metal-tiers.


Bronze plans are often considered the best plan for young and healthy individuals. Bronze metal tier plans are the cheapest health plans, as these plans have the lowest monthly premiums. However, people need to know that these plans have the highest deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, so people who frequently need to visit doctors should avoid enrolling in Bronze plans and these plans should only be considered by healthy individuals.


Silver metal tier plans compared to the other tier plans have moderate premiums and deductibles. Silver plans are the only health insurance policies eligible for cost-sharing reductions if an individual’s household income falls below 250% of the federal poverty level. The cost-sharing reductions reduce the amount that individuals pay in copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. Thus, a Silver plan is regarded as the more cost-effective plan compared to a Gold plan.


The Gold metal tier plan is best for individuals who expect to pay a lot in medical expenses during the year. Though, the Gold plans cost the most and have the lowest deductibles that help them reach the deductible quicker and then access the coinsurance benefits with the carriers. The Gold metal-tier plan is the best for individuals who need expensive prescription drugs that need to be filled monthly.

Average Cost of Health Insurance in Connecticut by Metal Tier in 2021

Metal-Tiers Monthly Premium for 21 Years Old Monthly Premium for 40 Years Old
Bronze $326 $416
Silver $421 $538
Gold $479 $612

Private health insurance plans available in Connecticut in 2021

Everyone has different healthcare needs and budgets and to cater to the health insurance needs of its residents, Connecticut offers health plans at different price levels and with various benefits. Two health insurance carriers, Anthem BlueCross BlueShield and ConnectiCare, offer plans on the state health marketplace. Both these carriers are offering health plans in every county, thereby giving residents competitive choices while shopping for health insurance. Though only a small percentage of the Connecticut population shop for a private individual plan but still while shopping for these plans, residents are going to find a whole lot of options in the individual health marketplace. Some of the popular individual health plans in Connecticut are:

  • Gold HMO BlueCare Prime
  • Choice Silver Standard POS
  • Passage Bronze Alternative PCP POS

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