Dental Insurance DC

Affordable Dental Insurance DC

The majority of the major health plans available in DC do not include dental coverage, so individuals who wish to keep their smile healthy and beautiful for life need to purchase the best dental plan available to have the most of their oral care benefits. Dental insurance plans offer comprehensive dental care that proves effective in detecting oral as well as other health problems before they become serious and complicated. Most of the dental plans available in DC provide coverage for a comprehensive range of dental services such as oral exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Individuals who often need to visit dentists should purchase an ideal dental plan that will help them save substantially on their dental care costs. With low-cost DC discount dental plans, members can save a significant amount on a wide range of dental plan services that include everything from cleanings, root canals, dentures, as well as Orthodontics for children and adults. Most of the dental plans available in DC have no waiting to services, no limits on use, no restrictions, no age limits, an extensive nationwide network of dentists, and orthodontics for both adults and children.

Highlights of DC Dental Plans

  • Dental plans have a low monthly premium at $13.00 a month
  • Individuals can sign up for a dental plan and avail its benefits with days.
  • There is guaranteed acceptance
  • The dental plan is available for people of every age
  • Members of dental plans have access to certified and credentialed dentists throughout the DC
  • Members will save a significant amount while visiting specialist dentists
  • Members save on dental implants and major services

Different Types of Dental Plans in DC

It is mostly seen that individuals having dental plans don’t hesitate to obtain regular dental care that helps them have better oral and overall health. Besides, individuals having dental plans will also be covered for different unforeseen dental problems. With dental plans, individuals will likely require to pay less for dental care services because dental plan carriers sign a contract with a network of dentists to provide members with low-cost dental care services. Even the cost of complex dental procedures like braces and dentures are available at a fraction of their actual cost.

PPO Dental Plan

PPO dental plan provides a wide range of dental coverage and gives members the freedom to choose a dentist of their choice. However, visiting an out-of-the-network dentist will turn out to be expensive because out-of-pocket costs will be higher if a person selects a dentist who is not participating in the network. Members of PPO dental plans do not require a referral to seek dental care from an outside-the-network dentist. PPO dental care plans provide coverage for several dental care services and have a large network of dentists. Members of PPO dental plans have access to oral exams, cleanings, and x-rays free of cost if they visit an in-network provider.

HMO Dental Plan

Dental HMO plans provide coverage for routine dental care services and major dental procedures at cost-effective costs. The HMO dental plans are easy-to-use and cost-effective and members of dental HMO plans do not require to file a claim. Members of this plan are required to visit a dentist that participates in their plan’s network to obtain the coverage because in case if they visit a dentist that does not participate in their plan’s network then they will have to pay the full cost themselves and they will not be reimbursed. Members of the dental HMO plans are aware of their out-of-their pocket costs before visiting the dentist.
Discount Dental Plans – A discount dental plan is not typically an insurance plan but allows its members to access affordable dental care services at a discounted price. Discount dental plans offer significant savings on preventive and other dental care services. This plan provides easy and affordable access to quality dental care and provides hundred percent coverage for no cost for 2 regular exams, two regular cleanings, and also provides coverage for necessary x-rays.

What does the dental plan in DC cover?

Members of the dental plans in DC are required to pay a certain monthly premium and they are entitled to certain dental benefits like regular checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and some other dental care services that are essential to promote general dental health. Benefits and coverage vary from one dental plan to other, as some dental plans provide broader coverage and in some dental plans’ members are required to contribute more on their part while receiving the dental care services. Some dental plans also provide coverage for certain types of dental implants, oral surgery, or orthodontia.

Dental Insurance Carriers in DC

Individuals shopping for dental insurance in DC will find affordable dental coverage through DC Health Link. Individuals of 18 years or above are required to have dental care benefits that are generally included in their coverage.

  • Aetna
  • CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • DC Amerihealth
  • Delta Dental
  • DC DentaQuest
  • Dentegra
  • DenteMax
  • Guardian
  • Humana
  • MetLife

Some Popular Dental Plans in DC

  • Guardian Dental Advantage Gold Plan
  • Guardian Dental Advantage Silver Plan

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