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Best Dental Insurance Alaska

Dental insurance plans were designed and created to promote good oral health among the people because due to lack of coverage people used to avoid visiting the dentist until and unless an emergency occurred. Residents of Alaska who are looking to purchase an affordable dental plan for themselves and their families can visit the health insurance portal to compare and shop for the best dental plan that fits their budget and needs.

Types of Dental Plans Available in Alaska

With over 67% of Alaska’s residents visiting dentists last year, people of this state must realize the significance of dental insurance plans and should enroll in a plan of their choice. The state has different types of dental plans that differ primarily in terms of the monthly premium, the network of dentists the carrier has, and the copay amount for the insured when they avail themselves the dental care services.

Generally, there are three types of dental insurance plans available in Alaska:

Preferred Provider Organization Dental Plan

PPO dental plan comes with a network of participating dentists to whom members can visit to receive dental care services at discounted prices. PPO dental plan is comparatively cheaper than an indemnity dental plan because the dentists agree to provide dental care services at negotiated rates. The dental insurance carriers negotiate the cost of dental care with the dentists to keep costs down for the members of the PPO dental plan. Though PPO plan members do have the choice to visit out-of-network dentists, but this will considerably increase their out-of-pocket costs.

Indemnity Dental Plans

Indemnity dental plans are plans that allow members complete freedom and flexibility. This plan does not have a network of dentists, and so members are free to visit any dentist of their choice. However, the dental insurance carriers will not reimburse the entire dental care cost instead; they will only pay Usual, Customary, and Reasonable amount. This means that the dental carrier will check with their network providers to see what they would have charged for the dental care that the insured has received from their dentist. The insurance carrier will pay only that amount what their in-network dentist would have charged. The remaining amount will be the responsibility of the insured and they will need to pay the balance amount.

Dental Discount

This is not a dental insurance plan but is like buying a membership that gives discounts on specific dental care services received by the members. The members of the dental discount are required to visit a dentist within the network to receive the discounts on the dental care availed. This plan requires no paperwork, as there is no billing and no claim forms to fill out, and members are supposed to pay the discounted rate of the received dental care specified on their cards.

Highlighting Features of Alaska Dental Plan

  • Dental plans available from as low as $13 a month
  • Individuals can purchase a dental plan at any age, as there is no age limit
  • Most dental plans provide coverage for major dental care services and Implants.
  • Most dental plans have no waiting periods.
  • No individual can be denied dental coverage
  • The in-network dentists included in dental plans are professional dental care providers.

Some of the popular dental plans available in Alaska include:

  • 500 Series Dental Savings
  • Hollywood Super Smile 2000
  • Hollywood Super Smile 1500
  • Advantage Gold PPO
  • Managed DentalGuard DHMO
  • Humana Preventive Plus
  • Humana Loyalty Plus

Dental Insurance Carriers available in Alaska

  • Delta Dental
  • Nationwide
  • Humana
  • Guardian Direct
  • Careington

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