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Good oral health is significant for better overall health, and people should never take dental issues lightly because it can greatly affect their health. Florida residents should never delay their plan of buying dental insurance, as the state offers comprehensive dental coverage through an array of dental plans. Florida marketplace shoppers will be delighted with some highly beneficial and effective dental plans available in the state. Like all the other forms of insurance, having dental insurance in Florida is sure to give you complete peace of mind. The sky-rocketing price of extensive dental procedures like fillings and crowns make obtaining dental insurance a must for Floridians.

Buy Beneficial Dental Plan in Florida to Secure Mental Peace

The state of Florida offers highly beneficial and cost-effective dental plans for individuals and families, which are designed to cater to the needs of the Florida residents depending upon their individual plan usage, flexibility in using network or non-network dentists along with the cost. Dental plans available in Florida comes with extensive features and benefits that make these plans popular among the residents. As far as choosing a dental plan is concerned, the state offers different options ranging from individual and family dental plans to senior dental plans, to plans with no waiting periods, to PPO, DHMO, and discount plans, to dental plans in combination with vision or other insurance and dental insurance plan for braces.

Types of Dental Plans offered in Florida

Different types of dental insurance plans are available that work in various ways, however, while choosing a private dental insurance plan in Florida is concerned, people generally have the following popular options:

PPO Dental Plans

PPO Dental Plans is a managed care plan that offers more flexible coverage, as members of this plan have access to a wider network of dentists to choose their preferred dentist. Members of the PPO dental plans are given the option to select a dentist from a network of dental care providers who agreed to offer dental care services at reduced prices. This plan provides at least some level of coverage for out-of-network providers, albeit with fewer benefits. The premiums and deductibles of the dental PPO plans are usually higher and they may receive additional benefits like dental implants, cosmetic procedures, and discounts on braces. PPO dental insurance plans have no waiting period for preventive work, however, for basic and major procedures members may have to wait 3-12 months for the start of their coverage. if members visit an out-of-network dentist, then they may have a longer claim process.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization

DHMO is typically the most affordable managed care dental insurance plan, though it comes with limited benefits. Members of this plan have access to a small network of dentists, and they need to select one dentist as their primary care provider. DHMO plan members receive dental care services at no cost or at a reduced cost. Preventive dental care is included in the DHMO plan at no extra cost, though other dental treatments may require a co-payment. Major dental procedures are not covered under this plan or small discounts are offered. The participating dentists of this plan render dental care services at a fixed monthly fee.

Dental Discount Plans

Dental discount plans are not technically dental insurance but are an extremely useful alternative for people who require immediate dental cover and don’t have any other dental coverage. With dental discount plans, members need to pay a monthly premium and they receive a fixed discount on their dental treatment provided they visit the participating dentists. Members of dental discount plans may also receive free preventive care like cleanings and regular checkups. Dentists generally straight away apply the discount without a lot of paperwork because the plan has a fixed discount structure with no annual limits.

An Indemnity or Fee-for-Service Dental Plan

The indemnity or fee-for-service dental plan is a type of plan that covers almost everything and costs almost twice the managed care dental plans. In this type of dental insurance plan, members pay for the dental care they received out of pocket, and later on, their insurance carrier reimburses most of the dental care costs. This plan is accepted by most of the dentist and dental care professionals, so members are free to visit the dentist of their choice.

Features to Look Out For in Dental Plans in Florida

While shopping for dental insurance plans in Florida, people are sure to come across several plans with myriad features. It is completely upon the people to choose a dental plan depending on their specific features and benefits. Some of the common features of dental plans that are usually preferred by one and all in Florida include:

The low total cost of the dental plan

People are often seen inclined towards the cheapest dental plan available in Florida, and they forget to look at the total costs involved. People should try to figure out the total costs of the dental plan, right from the monthly premium to annual deductible and co-payment. It is not necessary that a dental plan with an affordable monthly premium will have affordable total cost because generally plans with low monthly premiums have high deductibles. Thus, people should always consider the total cost of the dental plan rather than just the monthly premium.

No Waiting Period

People who are in immediate need of dental treatments, and want to quickly benefit from any discount on a dental plan should look for a dental plan that comes with no waiting period. This is an attractive feature of dental plans that attract many people, especially those who wish to enjoy the benefits of a dental plan without having to wait for a pre-defined period.

Coverage for Braces and other Cosmetic Procedures

Many people wish to have dental insurance to have coverage for expensive dental procedures like braces, dental implants, or other cosmetic procedures. They need to know that not all dental plans provide coverage for these procedures, so they need to look out for a dental plan that provides coverage for such dental procedures. However, people need to be aware that these dental procedures come with low annual or lifetime limits, so despite having coverage people will have significant out-of-pocket costs.

Dental Insurance Carrier and their Popular Plans in Florida

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida

Dental plans offered by this carrier are Florida Blue’s PPO Plans and DHMO Plan.

Florida Blue’s PPO Plans

Florida Blue’s PPO plans can be obtained by people of all ages, though the premium prices shoot up for seniors after 64 years of age. This plan has an annual maximum limit of $1,000 and has a $50 deductible for basic and major dental services. However, if the annual maximum limit is not used then the annual maximums get rolled to the next year, subject to certain conditions.


DHMO plan offered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida doesn’t have any waiting period, deductible, annual maximum and there are even no restrictions on pre-existing conditions. Most of the preventive dental work such as regular check-ups, cleanings, and x-rays, is included in the plan, provided policyholders visit an only network dentist. However, a fixed charge is applicable to several other dental procedures like teeth whitening, etc., and this plan offers a 25% discount on orthodontic work.

Delta Dental

Delta Dental offers a Basic and Premium Level of PPO coverage in Florida.

Basic Level of PPO Plan

The Basic PPO plan provides regular exams, x-rays, and cleaning at no cost, and after a six-month waiting period members get a 50% discount on fillings and tooth extractions.

Premium Level of PPO Plan

The Premium PPO Plan has six months waiting period after which members avail of free preventive dental care services, and tooth fillings and extractions at just 20% copayment. However, after the 12-month waiting period, the plan coverage is extended to major dental procedures like dentures, implants, crowns, and orthodontics, all these coverage are subjected to an annual maximum of $1,500.

DeltaCare USA Plan

Delta’s Dental DHMO plan is called DeltaCare USA, and this plan allows its members to choose a primary care dentist from the plan network. Though, members are free to change their primary care dentist at any time. This plan provides coverage for oral exams and x-rays at no additional costs, and there are fixed rates for other dental treatments. The orthodontic work is partially covered under this plan, as members are required to pay 75% of the bill amount, and dental implants are not covered under this plan.


MetLife currently offers three PPO dental plans that offer different levels of insurance for individuals and families.

The lowest level of PPO dental plan offers a $1,000 annual maximum with a $75 deductible, whereas the highest level of plan offers a $2,000 annual maximum with a $25 deductible. The highest level of PPO dental plan only provides coverage for the orthodontic procedure. There is a $1,000 lifetime maximum for dependent children at this level. Though, members of this plan are free to visit any dentist but visiting a MetLife network dentist will allow them to receive dental care at better prices.


Humana offers three types of dental plans in Florida, PPO, DHMO, and dental savings plans.

Dental Savings Plans

The dental savings plan offered by Humana has no waiting period, and there is no annual maximum as well as the deductible. Members of this plan obtain a discount of 20% to 40% on basic and major procedures with approved in-network dentists, and there is also a discount of up to 20% for braces.

DHMO Plans

The DHMO plan requires members to select a primary care dentist from Humana’s approved network. Preventive dental care is included in the coverage and members may have greater savings on other work.

PPO Plans

Humana offers three levels of PPO dental plans having different premiums, deductibles, annual maximums, and levels of coverage. Members are free to visit any dentist but will enjoy better savings on visiting network dentists.


Guardian dental insurance carrier in Florida offers two PPO dental plans and one DHMO dental plan.

DHMO Dental Plan

The DHMO DentalGuard plan provides immediate coverage to members without any waiting period. The members enjoy no-cos benefits for dental care like cleanings and x-rays, though for other treatments there may be a co-payment. Members of this plan need to select a primary care dentist from the Guardian’s approved network, and there is no cover for implants. However, children’s braces are completely covered subtracting an annual copayment of $350 if it is medically necessary.

PPO Dental Plan

The members of the two PPO plans are free to visit any dentist, however, they can save up to 35% by choosing an in-network dentist. Preventive care is immediately available with no deductible for in-network dentists. For other dental work, there is a deductible of $50 and a waiting period of 6-12 months.

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