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Affordable Dental Insurance Plans Georgia

Georgia residents sooner or later will realize the significance of having stand-alone dental coverage, as stand-alone dental plans do offer better dental benefits to meet their comprehensive dental care needs, right from routine preventive dental care to complex dental procedures like root canals. Purchasing a dental plan will financially protect individuals from rising dental care expenses and will also ensure that they maintain their overall oral health. Georgia residents need to be aware that affordable dental insurance plans will help them save money on the received dental care such as cleaning, x-rays, crowns, or root canals. To choose the best dental coverage available, individuals need to understand the different dental insurance plans available and the benefits offered by these plans. By having a good dental insurance plan, it is more likely for the individuals to get the required dental care, as it helps them manage their dental care costs. Individuals can obtain dental coverage either by obtaining a health plan that includes dental benefits or they can purchase standalone dental plans from a dental insurance carrier.

Types of Dental Coverage in Georgia

In the Peach State, there are primarily two types of dental plans available that financially help residents to pay for expensive dental procedures. The two types of dental plans available in the state are:

Dental Health Maintenance Organization

DHMO dental plan acts just like HMO health plan in which members are required to choose a primary care provider dentist and they are supposed to visit that dentist every time they need any type of dental care. If the members are required to see a specialist, then they first need to obtain a referral from their primary dentist then only they will be able to see a specialist. This plan maintains a network of dentists who associate with the insurance carrier to offer a discount on dental care services to all the members of the plan. In most of the DHMO plans, members are required to pay a copay, which is a fixed amount paid for a specific dental service. Members on visiting an out-of-network dentist will be required to pay the entire cost of their dental procedure.

Dental Preferred Provider Organization

A PPO dental plan also provides its members with a network of dentists to whom they can visit for receiving dental care services at discounted rates. However, members of the PPO dental plan do not require to choose a primary care provider and they can visit dentists outside of the dental network but their benefits will be reduced. PPO dental plans in Georgia also come with some restrictions like this plan comes with a waiting period, have deductibles, annual maximum benefit, and coinsurance. Despite having too many restrictions, PPO dental plans are still the most popular type of dental coverage in Georgia.

Benefits that are Covered under Dental Insurance Plans in Georgia

Different types of dental plans are available in Georgia that provides coverage for a wide range of dental procedures. Individuals should check the benefits covered under a dental plan by either going through the details of the plan or by directly asking the insurance provider. Benefits covered differ from a dental plan to another dental plan but some of the common benefits that are usually covered by a dental plan include:

  • Regular dental check-ups
  • X-rays
  • Filling
  • Routine Dental cleaning
  • Crowns
  • Root Canals
  • Bridges

Dental Insurance Carriers in Georgia

  • Renaissance Dental
  • Humana
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Guardian
  • Delta Dental
  • SureBridge

Popular Dental Plans of Georgia offered by Leading Dental Carriers

  • Dental for Everyone Gold
  • Silver FUSION Hybrid Plan
  • Dental for Everyone Gold Plan
  • Complete Dental
  • PPO Dental – Basic
  • Anthem Dental Family Enhanced

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