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Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans in Georgia

The Peach State is home to 10.1 million residents and nearly half of its population obtain health coverage through employer-sponsored plans. Around 14% of Georgia residents are uninsured and these individuals need to seriously think to enroll in a health insurance plan because they will not only have protection for medical emergencies but also because more uninsured people in the state increase the health insurance premium rates in the state. The uninsured residents of the state that may include self-employed people, early retirees, people who are not yet eligible for Medicare, and people employed by small businesses that don’t provide health benefits, need to buy private individual health insurance plans to protect themselves and their families from the emergency medical expenses.
Georgia uses the federally run health insurance marketplace, so all the uninsured residents can enroll in a health plan of their choice through During the 2021 health plans open enrollment period, 517,113 people signed up for private plans through the state’s exchange. Six health insurance carriers are offering health plans in the state and the average health insurance rates increased this year by less than 5%. The health insurance exchange in Georgia provides its residents access to cheap health insurance plans in Georgia, and people can also check their eligibility if they qualify for Medicaid or not depending upon their household income.

Vital Statistics of Georgia Health Insurance Marketplace

  • Georgia uses the federally run health insurance marketplace, so people of the state can enroll through
  • Due to COVID 19 pandemic, there is a one-time enrollment window in 2021 that runs through August 15.
  • Georgia residents will not require a qualifying event during this window to enroll in a plan and the coverage will take effect from the first of the following month.
  • 517,113 Georgia residents signed up for private individual plans through the state‚Äôs exchange, during the open enrollment period for 2021 health plans.
  • 91% of the 2020 enrollees were eligible for premium subsidies that considerably reduced their monthly premiums and 68% of the enrollees received cost-sharing reductions making their out-of-pocket medical expenses more affordable.
  • The average health insurance premium is $489 per month in Georgia for a 40-year-old across all health plans.
  • For the year 2021, the cheapest health insurance in Georgia is either the Ambetter Balanced Care 11, Ambetter Balanced Care , or SoloCare Silver PPO 40017 Area 16.

Different Types of Health Plans available in Georgia

Georgia health insurance marketplace plans are organized into different metal tiers such as Catastrophic, Bronze, Expanded Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Health plans in each metal tier cover a percentage of the health insurance costs like the Bronze plan is the cheapest plan that pays for 60% of the covered healthcare expenses and the remaining 40% of the healthcare expenses are paid by the insured. Bronze plan is a good choice for individuals who do not expect to frequently visit doctors or frequently require healthcare services or taking too many prescription medications. Silver is the next category of metal tier plan that covers 70% of the covered medical costs and the remaining percentage is paid by the insured. Platinum is the most expensive plan in terms of monthly premium but offers broader coverage, as this plan covers 90% of the healthcare cost of the insured. Catastrophic plans are high deductible plans designed for people 30 years of age or younger. This plan covers preventive care along with the cost of the first three primary care visit at no cost to the insured, even if they have not met their deductible amount. Georgia residents need to know that not all metal tiers of coverage are available in each county, and Catastrophic and Platinum health plans are not available in every county.

Average Cost of Health Insurance in Georgia by Metal Tier

Type of Metal Plan Monthly Premium for 21 Years Monthly Premium for 40 Years
Catastrophic $271 $346
Bronze $313 $400
Expanded Bronze $339 $433
Silver $412 $527
Gold $415 $530
Platinum $517 $600

Private Health Insurance Options in Georgia

Residents of the Peach State looking for private individual health plans in the state will find plenty of options in the form of ACA-compliant health plans that can either be purchased through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace or directly from the health insurance carriers operating in the state. The ACA laws affect all major healthcare plans, as of right from the availability of the plans in the state, to the benefits covered under the plan, to the cost of the plans, to the time when these plans can be purchased, everything is handled as per the ACA act. Georgia residents looking for private individual health plans in the state will find a broad selection of health plans for individuals and families offered by the leading health insurance companies of the state.

Some of the popular private individual health plans offered by leading health insurance carriers in Georgia include:

  • Ambetter Balanced Care 11
  • Ambetter Balanced Care 29
  • Anthem Catastrophic Pathway X HMO 8550
  • Ambetter Essential Care 1
  • CareSource Marketplace Bronze
  • CareSource Marketplace Low Premium Silver
  • CareSource Marketplace Gold
  • SoloCare Platinum Copay 40184 Area 1

Health Insurance Carriers in Georgia

In the year 2021, six health insurance companies are offering health plans in the Georgia health insurance marketplace:

  • Alliant Health Plans
  • Ambetter of Peach State
  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • CareSource Georgia Co.
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Oscar Health Plan of GA

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