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Affordable Dental Insurance Idaho

Idaho residents who are devoid of dental insurance should have dental coverage to keep their teeth, mouth, gums healthy. Purchasing a dental insurance plan is essential for residents of Idaho, as like any other state, major medical insurance plans in this state also do not include dental coverage. Dental insurance plans in Idaho work exactly like health insurance, where members are required to pay a monthly premium to receive certain dental benefits that include regular dental check-ups, x-rays, cleanings, and other dental services that are required to promote general dental health. Different types of dental plans are available in the state, some dental plans offer broader coverage compared to other plans and some dental plans require a greater financial contribution from the members of the plans while receiving the dental care services. Some high-cost dental insurance plans also provide coverage for certain types of oral surgery, implants, or orthodontia.

Reasons to Have Dental Insurance in Idaho

Individuals having dental insurance plans must have realized the innumerable benefits of having dental coverage and the individuals who don’t have dental insurance need to soon invest in dental coverage without any delay to real the multiple benefits of the dental coverage. Some of the prominent reason to have dental insurance in Idaho are listed below:

Stay Healthy

Residents of Idaho having dental insurance are twice as likely to regularly visit the dentist to receive the required preventive dental care that will help them stay fit and healthy. A regular visit to the dentist will also ensure that these people will be at reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other serious diseases and these diseases will be easily detected before becoming a major problem.

Save Money

The leading dental insurance carriers of Idaho associate with reputed dentists to render dental care services to members at pre-negotiated lower fees. This allows members of the dental plans to obtain dental care services at reduced prices. Most dental care plans provide 100% coverage for preventive dental care services like regular exams, cleanings, and x-rays so that members can confidently schedule their routine dentist appointment.

Stay Active

Individuals having dental secure their smile and overall health that allow them to stay active and also better their interaction and communication skills. Individuals can have an active lifestyle with fewer or no oral health issues. On the contrary, it is observed that people face huge issues due to oral health problems and untreated oral diseases leading to problems in eating, speaking, and learning.

Types of Dental Plans that keep Idahoans Smiles Strong, Brilliant, and Healthy

Dental insurance plans are available through Your Health Idaho and individuals eligible for health plans can also enroll in a qualified dental plan. Idaho dental insurance plans are backed by the nation’s largest network of dentists. These plans are tailored to meet the basic and preventive dental care treatments of all Idahoans so that they can all smile confidently. With so many dental insurance plans available in Idaho, selecting the best dental plan becomes confusing and overwhelming. People need to consider their oral care needs as well as the budget to choose a dental plan. Different types of dental insurance plans available in the state include:

Dental Health Maintenance Organization

DHMO plans work with a network of dentists who are paid a specific amount by the dental carrier for every assigned member. Dentists are supposed to render dental care services to the members at low or no costs. Members of this plan are required to receive dental care only at their assigned dentist to make use of the dental care benefits.

Dental Preferred Provider Organization

A PPO dental plan also associates with a network of dentists who agree to render dental care services to members of the plan at a pre-negotiated rate. However, members of this plan have to option to visit an out-of-the-network dentist but they will need to pay a higher cost of the received dental care compared to the charges of the network dentists.

Indemnity or Fee-for-service Dental Plan

This is a traditional type of dental plan in which members have to first pay for the received dental care services and later on claim is filed by their dentist. Indemnity plans have annual maximum benefits and members who exceed the maximum allowance amount have to pay themselves for their dental care services. Members of this plan have the option to choose the dentist of their choice.

Discount Dental Plans

A Discount dental plan is typically not an insurance plan but offers discounts on dental care ranging from 10% to 60%. The dentists associated with the network agree to offer dental care at a discounted price to the members of the plan. There is no paperwork required for this plan, as members are required to pay only the discounted amount that is pre-specified for dental care services.

Significant Features of Idaho Dental Plans

  • Dental plans are available at low monthly costs with plans starting as low as $13 a month.
  • There is no waiting period for some dental plans, people can enroll in these plans and start using them within days.
  • No individual can be denied dental coverage, as these plans come with guaranteed acceptance.
  • Dental plans can be purchased at any age.
  • Dental plans provide access to credentialed dentists throughout the state.
  • Dental plans allow individuals to save on major dental care services and implants.
  • Individuals also get discounts on visiting dental specialists

Dental Insurance Carriers in Idaho

Some of the best dental insurance carriers offering ideal dental plans in Idaho include:

  • Guardian
  • Nationwide
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Humana
  • Spirit Dental and Vision
  • Alpha Dental Plans

Find a Right Affordable Plan For You