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Best Iowa Health Insurance Plans 

Iowa is known for its amazing landscape of rolling plains and cornfields and it is considered as the best place to live in the United States.

Residents of this state is blessed with immense natural beauty but still they need to perfectly plan for their health insurance. This state operates in partnership with the federal government exchange, which the residents can use to compare and purchase the health insurance coverage. The health insurance options for residents of Iowa have expanded since Obamacare came into effect, as many Iowans became eligible for subsidized payments for their health insurance monthly premiums and out-of-pocket costs. Now individuals and family who don’t have access to health insurance through their employer can either purchase a health plan through state’s federally facilitated exchange or through private insurance carrier or avail benefits through public programs like Medicaid and CHIP.

Top Health Insurance plan in Iowa

  • Wellmark Health Plan of Iowa, Inc.

    Wellmark Bronze HDHP HMO

    premium $261.49/mo

    Deductible $6900/yr

    Insurance Type HMO
    HSA Eligible Yes
  • Wellmark Health Plan of Iowa, Inc.

    Wellmark Bronze Traditional HMO

    premium $276.37/mo

    Deductible $7200/yr

    Insurance Type HMO
    HSA Eligible No
  • Wellmark Health Plan of Iowa, Inc.

    Wellmark Bronze Modified HMO

    premium $276.99/mo

    Deductible $8150/yr

    Insurance Type HMO
    HSA Eligible No
  • Medica

    Medica Insure Bronze Copay

    premium $370.32/mo

    Deductible $7000/yr

    Insurance Type EPO
    HSA Eligible No
  • Wellmark Health Plan of Iowa, Inc.

    Wellmark Gold Modified HMO

    premium $373.04/mo

    Deductible $5250/yr

    Insurance Type HMO
    HSA Eligible No

Highlights and updates

  • Open enrollment for 2020 health insurance plans in Iowa runs from November 1 to December 15, 2019.
  • Short-term health plans are available in Iowa with initial plan terms up to 364 days.
  • Health plans enrollment in Iowa’s exchange dropped about 7.5% in 2019.
  • Medica and Wellmark are offering health plans statewide in Iowa’s exchange in 2019.
  • Average health insurance plans rates are 9% lower for 2019 than they were in 2018.
  • With the higher benchmark rates in 2019 subsidies are larger in the Iowa exchange.
  • A legislation was enacted by the State to allow off-exchange sale of non ACA compliant plans in Iowa.
  • State enacted legislation to allow off-exchange sale of non ACA compliant plans.

Individual & Family Health Insurance in Iowa City

With so many options available in Individual and Family plans, deciding the right plan in Iowa can be confusing and a daunting task. With the changing laws and rising healthcare cost, you simply can’t afford to take chances with yours as well as your family members health. In case of any illness or accident paying medical cost from your own-pocket will prove financial disaster. To avoid such situation in life it is best to take help of this portal that help you sort through the maze of different insurance options and find the best plan at a price that you can easily afford. Though, there is a difference between every individual and family plans Iowa but basically all plans cover most of the medical, and hospital expenses and also cover prescription drugs and some plans even cover preventive health care, immunizations and dental coverage.

Different options under Individual and Family health plans include:


With HMO plans, all health care services are received through primary care physician and insured require a referral before visiting any specialist or other health care professionals. WIth this plan you have less paper work and lower health costs.


With PPO plans you will not require a primary care physician and you have the flexibility to go to any health care professionals of your choice. Though, visiting a doctor outside the network will cost you more and by visiting a network doctor you will have lower out-of-pocket costs.


POS plans are the blend of HMO and PPO plans and the benefits vary depending whether you receive health care within the network or outside the network. Just like the HMO plans you have to choose a primary care doctors and require a referral to visit specialists. Like PPO plans you can visit the doctor from outside the network but with greater out-of-pocket costs.


In these plans medical professionals are paid for the healthcare services provided to the patients. Patients have the flexibility to choose their doctor and the claims are either filed by the patient or by the health care provider.

Since each individual and family health insurance option differs in terms of benefits and cost, it becomes significant for you to discuss your specific needs with an insurance expert so that you can keep yourself, your spouse, and your children covered under the right plan at an affordable price.

Short-term Health Insurance in Iowa

Short-term plans in Iowa are available for the initial duration of up to 364 days that can be renewed for up to 36 months. The permissible period of time for short-term health insurance policies has been extended by the federal government so that insurance carrier can provide coverage for the extended duration. The Iowa Insurance Division in 2019 has adopted administrative rules to provide short-term enrollees with minimum standards of benefits and enhanced consumer protections. Some of the short term plans may even provide coverage for pre-existing conditions though you must read the policy documents carefully to know about the plan details and coverage. If you are shopping for short term plans you need to keep in mind that these plans do not provide as many benefits as major medical health insurance but still these provide some coverage that is affordable for many people. You should remember that short term plans in Iowa lasting longer than 90 days do have certain minimum essential benefits but you will not have the same amount of coverage as you receive with the qualified health plans. So the short-term plans are ideal if you only need minimal coverage and you wish to save on health insurance costs.

The Iowa Insurance Division has authorized the following companies to sell plans for up to 364 days:

  • Golden Rule
  • United States Fire Insurance Company
  • First Chicago Insurance Company

Insurers offering Short-term plans in Iowa

Companion Life
Everest Prime
Golden Rule (United Healthcare)
Independence American Insurance Company
National General
Standard Life

Dental Plans in Iowa

Despite of good oral hygiene, you need to visit dentist for routine cleanings and checkups. All the residents of Iowa have the option to enroll in dental insurance plans that help them cover the costs of checkups along with any recommended treatments or surgeries. Dental plans in Iowa are available for individuals and families looking to meet their needs and maximize their savings. Some of the dental plans offer more discounts on dental specialties like orthodontics so you should review all the insurance options before purchasing it. In Iowa two options are available, you can either opt for dental insurance plans or dental savings plans though dental savings plans in Iowa are more affordable than dental insurance. Dental insurance plans make dental care more accessible but include expensive premiums, limitations and caps whereas in a discount dental plan in Iowa you just have to pay a membership fee and you can receive dental care at a discounted fee from the participating dentists of Iowa. Cigna, Aetna and Careington are some of the recognized names of dental healthcare in Iowa.

Vision Insurance in Iowa

Vision insurance plans in Iowa is designed to provide you coverage for vision care expenses like routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. Vision insurance plans in Iowa provide coverage for people of all ages, has no waiting periods, individuals can save on vision care by visiting national network of vision services and eye wear providers and individuals also enjoy freedom to visit out-of-network vision care providers and get the benefits by paying the difference of price between their plan allowance and their final cost. In Iowa you can purchase vision insurance either through standalone vision insurance plans or by combining dental and vision insurance.

FAQ on Iowa Health Insurance

Affordable Care Act requires every individual to have health insurance so that they are financially protected at the time of medical emergencies. However, the individual mandate that requires you to have health insurance or face penalty has been repealed in most of the states including Iowa, so you don’t need to have health insurance in the state. The federal tax penalty for going without health insurance has been zeroed out but still, you will have to report your coverage status on your federal tax return but you won’t have to pay penalty on being uninsured. A few of the states have passed their mandate but Iowa is not one of them. Despite the repealing of the individual mandate, people are advised to have health insurance to stay protected from sudden medical expenses. 

If you are looking to sign-up for an ACA-compliant plan in Iowa, you can either visit, Iowa’s online health insurance marketplace, or can get help in person over the phone. You can know about the various health insurance options available under the Affordable Care Act at the online health insurance marketplace. If you find a health plan of your choice you will be guided through the online enrollment process, or can also avail in-person help with the enrollment in Iowa. If you need to understand your coverage options under Obamacare or for signing up for a plan, you can also seek assistance from a trained navigator or a health insurance agent. Services offered by both are free of charge.

The average health insurance premium for a 2020 plan In Iowa is $561 per month for a 40-year-old, which is 13% lower compared to the average premium in 2018. This means health insurance premium costs decreased by $81. 

Open enrollment for 2020 health plans has ended, however, you may still be able to purchase health insurance in Iowa for this year if you qualify for a special enrollment period. Especially, if you have recently lost your job or income due to the COVID-19 crisis or due to any other reason, then chances are that you may qualify for a 60-day special enrollment period during which you can sign-up for a new health plan. Open enrollment for 2021 health plans in Iowa will run from November 1 – December 15, 2020.

The cheapest health insurance plan by metal-tier in Iowa are:

The cheapest Catastrophic plan in Inspire by Medica Catastrophic plan having a monthly premium of $260 for a 40-year old.
The cheapest Bronze plan is the Wellmark Value bronze HMO plan having a monthly premium of $523 for a 40-year old.
The cheapest expanded Bronze plan is Inspire by Medica Bronze Copay plan having a monthly premium of $350 for a 40-year old.
The cheapest Silver plan is Inspire by Medica Silver Copay plan having a monthly premium of $559 for a 40-year old.
The cheapest Gold plan is Inspire by Medica Gold Copay plan having a monthly premium of $465 for a 40-year old.

Medica and Wellmark are the two health insurance carriers selling plans statewide in Iowa’s exchange for 2020.

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