Dental Insurance Kentucky

Affordable Dental Insurance Kentucky

With more than 60% of Kentucky residents visiting the dentists last year, the need for dental insurance is certainly evident from this fact. The rising cost of dental care and dental treatments makes it difficult for people to avail themselves of dental services without having dental insurance. Dental plans in Kentucky were designed keeping in mind the dental care needs of the individuals, families, and groups who want access to high-quality dental care at affordable prices. Dental plans in Kentucky provide access to a network of participating dentists offering dental care services at reduced rates. Individuals who spend too much at the dentist should look for an affordable dental plan in Kentucky that will allow them to save a good amount on their dental care. With the best dental insurance plan, individuals will save substantially on dental costs on visiting the dentist. In Kentucky, some of the dental plans are extremely affordable and come with no waiting period that allows members to start saving on their dental care immediately after enrolling in the plan. While looking for a dental insurance plan in Kentucky, individuals need to make sure that the dentist’s office accepts their insurance plan. Individuals should also opt for a dental plan from a carrier that has an extensive network of participating dentists.

Dental Plan options available in Kentucky

The dental care needs are not exactly the same for every individual, and thus people have their preference while shopping for dental insurance plans. A single type of dental plan will not be able to meet the dental care need of every individual, so the state has come up with different types of dental plans to provide dental coverage to every person.

Different types of dental plans available in Kentucky are:

PPO Dental Plans

Preferred Provider Organization dental plan is a type of dental plan designed to provide members of the plans with low-cost dental care services through a network of dentists in Kentucky. The dental insurance carriers offering PPO type of dental plans associate with a network of dentists who agree to provide dental services at discounted rates to all the members of the plan. In PPO dental plans, there is a set percentage of cost that members are required to pay for preventive services and a different percentage of the price for major dental procedures and surgeries.

HMO Dental Plans

Dental Health Maintenance Organization plan is designed for individuals who prefer visiting a dentist of their choice and that particular dentist is included in the plan’s network. Members of the DHMO plans are required to choose a primary dentist from the plan’s network of dentists who will be responsible for the majority of their dental care. In case, if a member has to visit a specialist dentist, then a referral from the primary dental care provider will be required. The best thing about the DHMO plan is that these plans do not have any copay, deductibles, or maximums. However, on visiting an out-of-network dentist, members will have to pay the entire amount themselves.

Indemnity Dental Plan

Fee-for-service or indemnity dental plan is a traditional dental plan that provides members with the largest network of dentists. Members are required to pay coinsurance for the indemnity plan and the coinsurance percentage depends on the dental care service received just like the PPO plans. Members of the indemnity plans may pay a bit more for dental care services compared to a PPO or DHMO plan but enjoy the freedom of visiting any dentist that accepts indemnity plans.

Discount Dental Plans

Discount dental plans are technically not the insurance coverage but some of the dental insurance companies in Kentucky have partnered with local dentists to provide coverage for some of the dental services at discounted rates. This plan is available as a discount savings card, and there is no waiting period, no maximums, and no deductible.

Distinguish Features of Dental Plans available in Kentucky

  • Low monthly premium, starting at $13.00 a month
  • No age limits
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • No waiting periods and no enrollment fees
  • Savings at dental specialists
  • After the first-year annual maximums increases
  • After the first-year dental benefits increases
  • Simple and easy online enrollment process

Benefits covered under Kentucky Dental Insurance Plans

Dental insurance plans in Kentucky cover part of the cost of dental care and procedures that includes preventive dental care like cleanings, x-rays, tooth extractions, fillings, and crowns. Dental plans may also cover dental procedures like root canals or other oral surgeries. A few of the dental plans may also cover braces, periodontics, and prosthodontics.

Dental Insurance Carriers available in Kentucky

  • Delta Dental
  • Humana
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Ameritas
  • Cigna
  • Guardian Direct
  • Nationwide

Some of the Featured Dental Plans available in Kentucky are:

  • Hollywood Smile Plus 1500 offered by Ameritas
  • Advantage Gold dental plan offered by Guardian Direct
  • TakeAlong Dental Medium by MetLife
  • Classic Select 2000 dental plan offered by Nationwide
  • Premier Select 1500 dental plan offered by Nationwide
  • Max Choice dental plan offered by Renaissance
  • Dental Value Plan C550 dental plan offered by Humana

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