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Louisiana is nicknamed as the Pelican State because a large population of brown pelicans are found along the Gulf Coast.

The state is also popular for its world famous Mardi Gras, delicious Cajun cuisine and it is the only state that has no counties. It is the 25th most populous state, and 31st largest in terms of area. Like rest of the U.S. this state too has a long way to go as far as health of its residents are concerned. Currently this Pelican state ranks 48 out of 51 states in the national state health rankings. Thus, if you too are resident of this state then you should start seriously thinking about the health insurance options available in the state so that you get yourself and your family covered for any of the unforeseen medical emergency.

Top Health Insurance plan in Louisiana

  • HMO Louisiana

    Blue POS 60/40 $6500

    premium $334.63/mo

    Deductible $6500/yr

    Insurance Type POS
    HSA Eligible No
  • Vantage Health Plan

    Savings Bronze 7000

    premium $361.33/mo

    Deductible $7000/yr

    Insurance Type POS
    HSA Eligible Yes
  • Vantage Health Plan

    Savings Bronze 5500

    premium $363.88/mo

    Deductible $5500/yr

    Insurance Type POS
    HSA Eligible Yes
  • HMO Louisiana

    Blue POS 70/50 $4550

    premium $364.31/mo

    Deductible $4550/yr

    Insurance Type POS
    HSA Eligible No
  • Vantage Health Plan

    Essential Bronze 6500

    premium $368.19/mo

    Deductible $7500/yr

    Insurance Type POS
    HSA Eligible No

Health insurance is not just an insurance policy that protects you from expensive medical costs but also provide you access of several vital benefits. With health insurance plans you have access to preventive services for little or no cost that basically depends upon the plan. To enroll in Federal health plans you can use, as Louisiana uses federally facilitated exchange. For all plans effective January 1, 2020, open enrollment for individual health coverage in Louisiana will start from November 1 to December 15, 2019.

Highlights and Updates of Louisiana Health Insurance Marketplace

  • In Louisiana open enrollment period for 2020 health insurance coverage starts from November 1 to December 15, 2019. Only individuals with qualifying event will be able enroll outside this period.
  • Short-term health plans in this state are available with initial plan terms of up to 12 months.
  • Medicaid enrollment in Louisiana has continued to grow as more than 450,000 people were enrolled in expanded medicaid program as of August 2019.
  • Louisiana’s exchange currently has three insurers offering health plans for 2020 and Christus Health Plans will join the exchange in the current year. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana and Vantage Health Plan are the other two carriers operating in Louisiana.
  • Average health premium rate increase filed by the Louisiana’s insurers in 2020 is more than 11%.
  • The Louisiana Department of Insurance reduced the average rates for Individual plans sold through Louisiana’s exchange by 6.4% in 2019.

Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans in Louisiana

Louisiana unfortunately has been among the states which have a high rate of uninsured and to reduce this rate, the health insurance landscape has expanded to include many health insurance options for individuals and family. If you are resident of this state then you have a number of ways to access individual and family health insurance benefits. If you do not have a job-based health insurance, you have the option to buy ACA-compliant minimum essential coverage on and away from the state’s exchange. With several affordable individual and family health insurance plans available, you can find the plan that best fit your budget and unique needs. However, your eligibility in a plan depends upon your age, income, family size as well as your special health needs. Following health insurance plans for individuals and families in Louisiana, which you can buy either through private providers or providers participating in Louisiana through the federal exchange.

Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)

PPO is one of the most popular plans in the Individual and Family segment that provide you flexibility to visit a physician or healthcare provider of your choice without requiring a referral from a primary care physician. In PPO plan you are encouraged to visit insurance company’s network of doctors because in-network healthcare services are covered at a higher benefit than out-of-network services. If you purchase a PPO plan you will have to pay an annual deductible before the insurance company starts providing you coverage for your medical bills. You may also have a co-payment for certain services or you may have to pay a certain percentage of your medical bills. In Louisiana you have access to PPO plans that provide a network of healthcare providers participating in your selected PPO.

Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)

In HMO plans you are offered with a wide range of healthcare services through a network of providers who agree to offer services to the members of the plan. In this plan you will have to choose a primary care physician, who will take care of most of your healthcare needs and will also provide you referral for visiting a specialist. With HMO plans you probably have lower out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and you also don’t have to pay deductible before your coverage starts. Your co-payments will also be minimal and you do not have to submit your claims to the insurance company. You only need to remember that in HMO plans you will have no coverage for the healthcare services rendered by out-of-network providers without a proper referral.

High-Deductible Health Plans with Health Savings Accounts (HDHP/HSAs)

Health Saving Account is a tax favored account used along with a high-deductible HSA-compatible health plan that make healthcare more affordable for you and help you save for retirement. If you are resident of the Louisiana state then you can pay for qualified medical expenses with pre-tax dollars and save for retirements. A health Saving Account can be compared to an Individual Retirement Account, which is completely dedicated to medical expenses. You can use the save money for your current or future medical expenses. The interest you earn in this account is tax deferred and your unused funds can roll over from year to year.

Short-term health insurance in Louisiana

Short-term health insurance plans in Louisiana can be a perfect solution for you if you are between jobs, waiting for your group coverage to start or need an affordable solution than traditional health insurance for some time. As per the federal laws, short-term plans can last for 364 days with the chance to renew up to 36 months but this state have additional state regulations to follow. Here insurers are restricted to exclude enrollees due to pre-existing conditions, like look-back periods for pre-existing conditions cannot exceed 12 months. If you have enrolled in a short-term plan that lasts only six months then this look-back period restriction does not apply in Louisiana. The state does not limit or prohibit renewal of plans, nor restrict subsequent purchases of additional short-term coverage.

Dental Insurance Plans in Louisiana

If you are looking for affordable dental insurance plans in Louisiana then this state does offer some good dental plans that are available at low monthly cost. By purchasing dental insurance plan or discount dental plan, you can reduce the cost of your dental care. These plans offer coverage on several dental care procedures like root canal, x-rays, teeth cleanings, checkups, dentures and more. There are three types of dental insurance plans available in Louisiana:

Preferred Provider Organization

These plans have a network of participating dentists, to whom the plan members can consult for seeking dental care. This plan is cheaper compared to indemnity dental plans because the insurance company negotiate dental care rates with the dentists in order to keep the cost down for the Plan’s member. Though, you also have the option to visit out-of-network dentist but it will increase your out-of-pocket cost.

Indemnity Plans

Indemnity dental plans allow you visit any dentist of your choice but the insurance company will pay you reasonable amount only. This means that when you will visit your preferred dentist you will need to submit the dental care bill to the insurance company, who will then go their network provider dentist to cross-check the dental care cost with them and then will only pay you the amount which their in-network dentist would have charged. You as a patient will be responsible for paying the remaining amount.

Dental Discount Plans

These are not actually dental plans but are just like club membership that give discounts for specific for specific dental care service. You just need to visit the dentists within the plan network to receive the required dental care and pay the specified discounted amount to the dentist.

FAQ on Louisiana Health Insurance

Earlier as per the Affordable Care Act, all the U.S. residents were required to have health insurance coverage. Otherwise, a tax penalty was imposed by the federal government on individuals who used to go without health insurance. According to the Affordable Care Act, people were required to have minimum essential coverage, so they remain financially protected during the time of sudden medical emergencies. However, starting from the year 2019, the Trump administration has repealed the federal tax penalty, so people are no longer required to pay a tax penalty for going without health insurance, and they just need to report their coverage status on their federal tax return. Though, a handful of states have passed their own health insurance requirements and have kept the individual mandate but Louisiana is not one of such states.

The Open enrollment for 2021 health insurance plans in Louisiana will run from November 1 through December 15, 2020. Residents of the state are required to apply for a health plan or make changes in their existing plan, as they will not allow to enroll or make changes in their plan out this enrollment window. Only residents with qualifying events are allowed to enroll or make changes in their health plans outside the open enrollment period. 

Louisiana operates a federally facilitated health insurance marketplace, so the majority of the residents enroll in exchange plans through Though, people can also enroll in the health insurance plans through private health insurance carriers or through the health insurance portals operating in their state. Individuals who qualify for any type of subsidy should enroll through the federal marketplace, as subsidy can be obtained only through the federal marketplace.   

Yes, short-term health plans are available in Louisiana, and these plans have initial terms of up to 364 days and can be renewed for up to 36 months. However, the state regulations are clear in indicating that the state may have more restrictive rules and they can limit the duration of short-term plans in Louisiana to six months if the insurer will check more than 12 months period to determine the applicant’s pre-existing medical conditions. However, the state has not limited or prohibited plans renewal and there is no limit on the subsequent purchase of additional short-term health plans.  

For 2020, the average monthly premium of health insurance in Louisiana for a 40-year old is $596. When compared to the previous year, there is a decrease of around 4% for this age group. Although the best health insurance plan differs in each district residents of the state are recommended to begin their search for the best and cheap health insurance plan with HMO Louisiana, as it offers the most affordable Silver plan in every parish.

Residents of Louisiana can find affordable and cheapest health insurance plans on the federally run state health insurance exchange or through Medicaid. Though, the best and cheapest health insurance plan will depend on the applicant’s age, their area, and the metal-tier of plan chosen by them. The cheapest plan in each metal-tier in Louisiana in 2020 are:

  • The cheapest Bronze plan for a 40-year old is Blue Connect 70/50 $4550 having a monthly premium of $348 in 2020. 
  • The cheapest Expanded Bronze plan for a 40-year old is CHP LA Bronze – Two Free PCP visits having a monthly premium of $340 in 2020.
  • The cheapest silver plan for a 40-year old is Blue Connect 80/60 $3400 having a monthly premium of $417 in 2020.
  • The cheapest Gold plan for a 40-year old is Community Blue Copay 80/60 $1000 having a monthly premium of $537 in 2020.
  • For the 2021 health insurance coverage, there are four health insurance carriers operating in Louisiana:

  • HMO Louisiana Inc.
  • Vantage Health Plan Inc.
  • Louisiana Health Service & Indemnity Co.
  • CHRISTUS Health Plan Louisiana
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