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Affordable Dental Insurance Louisiana

Having the best and affordable dental plan is truly the best investment that people can make to protect and prevent their smiles. Several options are available for dental coverage in Louisiana, it is up to an individual to properly research and drill down to find the best dental coverage catering to their needs. Most of the dental insurance plans available in Louisiana are designed to provide the best dental insurance coverage. However, the benefits covered under the dental plan depend upon the amount the members pay as monthly premium, the network of dentists the dental carriers have, and the cost of the dental care services when the members use the insurance plan.

Thus, individuals while shopping for dental insurance plans should compare different plans available in their area at our insurance portal to pick the dental plan that best fits their needs and budget. Irrespective of the dental plan an individual chooses, he/she may obtain discounts for most of the common dental procedures, and the dental plans generally have no waiting periods. The best dental insurance plans available in Louisiana have low lifetime deductibles, and members are free to visit any dentist from any network. The benefits covered under dental plans depend upon the type of dental plan chosen by the individuals. However, regular coverage for common dental procedures includes fillings, caps, cleanings along with root canals and dentures.

Types of Dental Plans in Louisiana

Fortunately, throughout Louisiana, there are some excellent dental insurance options available that provide comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. Since every individual will have a different dental care need, so one type of dental plan will not meet the requirements of all. Thus, Louisiana state offers different types of dental plans for its residents to pick the plan exactly as per their dental care needs and budget. Three different types of dental plans available in Louisiana are:

PPO Dental Plan

PPO dental plan is a managed-care dental plan having a network of dental care providers, who agree to perform dental care services for patients at pre-negotiated rates. PPO dental plans have an extensive network of dentists so the majority of individuals will find their dentist included in the plan’s network. However, members of the PPO dental plan are free to visit any dentist but they will save more with in-network dentists. Members of the plan do not have to fill any claim forms, as the dentists are supposed to fill the claim form on behalf of the insured. Members will also not require the need of obtaining a referral for visiting any specialist.

Fee-for-Service or Indemnity Care Dental Plan

Indemnity dental plans are designed for individuals who want to have the freedom of visiting any dentist. Indemnity dental plans have no network of the dentist, so members are free to visit the dentist of their choice. However, on submitting their claims to the carriers, they will receive Usual, Customary, and Reasonable. This means that the carriers will check the cost of the dental care from the dentists of their network providers to see the amount they would have charged. The insurance carrier will pay benefits up to what their in-network dentist would have charged. If the insured dentist has charged more, then the insured will be responsible to pay the extra amount.

Dental Discount Plans

These are not true dental plans but are similar to buying a club membership that offers discounts for specific dental services that members may need. Members are required to visit a dentist included within the plan’s network to receive the discounts. Members are required to pay the dentist the amount specified on the card on receiving dental care. The best thing about the dental discount plan is that there is no billing and there are no insurance forms to fill out.

Benefits Covered under Louisiana Dental Plans

Dental insurance plans in Louisiana provide coverages on several dental care procedures like teeth cleanings, check-ups, x-rays, root canals, and many more. Dental insurance plans do not have any standardization of benefits like health insurance plans, so individuals need to carefully shop for the dental plans that meet their coverage requirements. Some of the benefits that are generally covered under dental plans in Louisiana are:

  • Annual oral exams & cleanings
  • X-Rays
  • Tooth Extraction, both Simple and Surgical
  • Fillings
  • Crown
  • Root canal

Highlights of Dental Plans in Louisiana

  • Low-cost monthly premium, with monthly premium starting at $13.00 a month.
  • Dental plans are available with no waiting period.
  • Guaranteed acceptance
  • People of any age can apply for a dental plan.
  • Members of dental plans have access to credentialed dentists.
  • Members get to save at specialist dentists.
  • Members save on dental implants and major dental care services.
  • Dental plans in Louisiana provide access to high-quality dentists in Louisiana that include general dentists, orthodontists, and other dental specialists.

Dental Insurance Carriers available in Louisiana

Several dental insurance carriers are offering affordable dental plans in the state but the best dental carriers in the state are those that offer excellent coverage at an affordable price. The best dental plans will also have a low deductible and will provide the best possible dental care. Some of the popular dental carriers operating in the state are:

  • Smart Health Dental
  • Careington
  • Physicians Mutual
  • Metlife

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