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If you are searching for affordable health insurance in Maryland, this quick reckoner will help you.

As of now the state has two insurers offering individual-market exchange plans for 2019. Following are some important points need to be noted about the health insurance in Maryland.

Maryland Health Marketplace:

In Maryland, health insurance is provided via state-run health insurance exchange Maryland Health Connection. In the state, open enrollment for health coverage for 2019 ends on December 15. However, the window doesn’t limit the chances of enrollment if you’re passing through certain qualifying events.

In Maryland, you can buy Short-term health plans that offer initial coverage for up to three months. To date, two carriers are providing insurers are offering 2019 coverage in Maryland’s individual market. In year 2018, about 154,000 Maryland residents enrolled for coverage through the state exchange. The state adopted the ACA’s Medicaid expansion in 2014.

In 2018, Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente offered individual-market health plans through the Maryland exchange. Following the various steps taken by the local authorities, 2019 rates are decreased an average of 13.2 percent.

Maryland health ratings:

Maryland always fared with commitment to improvise State Health System Performance. In 2017, Maryland ranked 18th based on different parameters scored in terms of Access, Prevention & Treatment, Avoidable Hospital Use & Costs, Healthy Lives, and Equity. In the 2017 ranking, Maryland tied with New York for 10th place, but dropped to 18th in the 2019 ranking. Maryland achieved top rankings in prevention and Treatment category that year.

Maryland health Insurance Plans:

In Maryland, there are several insurance carriers that provide health insurance for individuals and families. We recommend you to compare Maryland individual and family health plans before buying so that you could be able to get the best in your budget.

Individual and Family health Insurance Plans

Currently CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield and Kaiser Mid-Atlantic are offering Individual and family health insurance plans in Maryland. You can access a wide range of plans in Maryland year-round. These plans are a great help if you are self-employed or don’t have insurance through your employer. There are other conditions as well when you are eligible for individual and family plan. You can opt for one if your group insurance doesn’t cover spouses or dependents or if your health insurance premiums are quite expensive.

In Maryland, you can access broad selection of Maryland health plans from leading insurance companies.

Short term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance in Maryland is underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. Such insurance plans come handy when you need them most in your life during transition phase. You can opt for short term health insurance if you failed to apply for Affordable Care Act (ACA). These plans are good to go if you are waiting for your ACA coverage to start or seeking a complementary plan to match Medicare benefits.

Short term health insurance in Maryland is also known as temporary health insurance or term health insurance.

Short term health insurance options come packed with a number of noteworthy features including fast coverage, multiple deductible options and flexible length of coverage. With short term health insurance, you get access to an extensive network of health care professionals and more than 6,000 hospitals.

Dental Insurance Plans

Maryland dental insurance plans offer coverage against many of your dental problems. It includes common dental care issues at all levels whether preventive, basic and major. In the state, dental insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. These plans are simply right for your dental care needs.

There are multiple benefits associated with these plans. They cover preventive care like routine cleanings and fluoride treatments. While going for the coverage, you needn’t to bother about deductibles or waiting period.

Most plans include coverage for fillings, dental pain and root canals treatment. It’s however recommended to check for plan’s deductible and waiting periods before subscribing. Beneficiaries of the dental plans needn’t to submit claim forms as the insurance carrier itself pays the amount to in-network dentists consulted during the treatment.

Vision insurance Plans

In Maryland if you are looking for affordable plans for vision care, vision insurance plans will be a great help. This insurance plan offers paid coverage for ongoing vision care expenses like routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. In the state, vision insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance comprising a range of unique benefits built in.

The coverage offers coverage for every citizen in the state regardless of the age and without any waiting period. The coverage benefits are offered via a huge network vision service and eyewear providers. You can also add a vision insurance rider to your dental insurance plan to get vision care plan benefits.

FAQ on Maryland Health Insurance

The penalty for not having health insurance no longer applies in Maryland, as this penalty was repealed from the starting of the 2019 plan year. Thus, it is no more mandatory for individuals to have health insurance to avoid the penalty, still, people are advised to have at least minimum essential coverage to avoid getting into financial trouble during the medical emergencies.

All the individuals who are looking to enroll in health insurance plans in Maryland in 2020 may either apply online at or apply by calling the Maryland Health Benefits Exchange Consolidated Service Center. The toll-free number of Maryland Health Benefits Exchange Consolidated Service Center is (855) 642-8572 or TTY (855) 642-8573. Individuals may also apply at their local health department or local department of social services.

The open enrollment period for 2021 ACA-complaint health plans in Maryland will run from November 1 to December 15, 2020. The uninsured residents can either enroll in a new health plan during this open enrollment period or residents enrolled in a health plan can make changes in their plan. Outside the open enrollment period, only residents with qualifying events can make changes to their coverage or enroll in a new plan. Maryland Health Connection has opened a special enrollment period due to the coronavirus pandemic through December 15, 2020, for its uninsured residents through Maryland Health Connection, even if they don’t have a qualifying event.

Residents of Maryland can purchase a cheap health insurance plan through the state health insurance exchange or obtain it if they qualify for the federally funded Medicaid program. After comparing the price of the different health plans available in the state, it was discovered that the KP MD Silver 6000/40/Dental plan offered by Kaiser Permanente has a monthly premium of $388 is the cheapest health plan in most of the counties of Maryland.

After comparing different health plans of the Maryland Health Connection marketplace, the cheapest health plan in each metal-tier are as follows:

  • The cheapest Bronze health plan in Maryland for a 40-year old is the BlueChoice HMO Bronze plan having a monthly premium of $266.
  • The cheapest Silver health plan in Maryland for a 40-year old is the KP MD Silver 6000/40/Dental plan having a monthly premium of $388.
  • The cheapest Gold health plan in Maryland for a 40-year old is the BlueChoice HMO Gold $1,750 plan having a monthly premium of $373.
  • The cheapest Platinum health plan in Maryland for a 40-year old is the KP MD Platinum 0/10 Dental plan having a monthly premium of $447.
  • Currently, two health insurers CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente are offering individual market health plans for 2020 through the Maryland exchange, and UnitedHealthcare plans to join them in 2021.

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