Medicare in Alabama

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Alabama Medicare Plans

According to the Centers from Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data for December 2018, there were over a million beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare in Alabama.


Majority of the Alabamians approximated 77% who are eligible for Medicare are eligible due to age and the remaining qualifies due to certain disabilities or permanent kidney failure. Alabamians eligible for Medicare plans have choices in terms of providers and plans and they can choose the best depending upon their requirements and budget. Medicare coverage come as a big relief for the residents of Alabama, as these plans will help in paying for needed medical coverage, drugs and more.

Residents of Alabama can choose from these four Medicare Plans:

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part A is a health insurance program created and administered by the federal government and is referred as hospital insurance. This plan pays for inpatient care in a hospital or nursing facility along with hospice care.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B is referred as medical insurance that covers outpatient care like doctor’s visit, preventive care, and durable medical equipment. Part B coverage may also include certain out-of-pocket costs like coinsurance and deductibles.

Medicare Part C

Medicare Part C or Advantage plans can also be obtain through private insurance carrier and these plans help cover the costs of services offered by doctors, hospitals, lab tests and some preventive screenings. These plans prove extremely beneficiary for the insured as these plans provide coverage for doctor’s visits, hospitalizations and prescription under one plan.

Medicare Part D

Since Original Medicare Plans (Part A and Part B) do not cover outpatient prescription drugs so the beneficiaries can obtain prescription coverage through Medicare Part D prescription drug plans. There are 29 stand-alone Part D plans available in Alabama in 2019 having premiums in the range of $16 to $120 per month.

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