Medicare in Arizona

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Arizona Medicare Plans

Arizona is a state known for warmer weather and dry climate that also remain the reason for people’s attraction toward this state. With over 12 million medicare enrollment in the Arizona state, the plan is popular among its senior citizens.


If you are a beneficiary in Arizona, then you have several options to obtain Medicare coverage. Just like any other state of the United States, the Medicare plans work similarly in Arizona too. Original Medicare including Part A and Part B is the government run health insurance program designed for seniors and certain disabled adults. In Original Medicare Part A cover hospital services and Part B cover medical services and if you are enrolled in this plan then you also have the option to purchase a stand alone prescription drug plan too. Since, Original medicare offers only limited prescription drug benefits. Prescription drug plans are available through private insurance companies that are associated with Medicare. In Arizona the Medicare plans work in the similar manner just like the rest of the states. Beneficiaries in Arizona can obtain medicare Part A and Part B coverage through Medicare Advantage plan, which can also be obtain through medicare approved private insurance companies.

Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part C in Arizona

Medicare Part C or Advantage plans are private Medicare plans that provide you with Original Medicare benefits and sometimes even extra benefits like drug, dental and vision coverage. Most of the Advantage plans available in Arizona like Medicare HMO and PPO plans. With a Medicare HMO plans, you need to avail healthcare services through plan;s network of doctors except in case of emergencies whereas in Medicare PPO plans you avail medical services from outside the network doctor but costs will be higher for you.  Medicare Advantage plans in Arizona often comes with Part D rolled in so it is better to check the plan’s formulary ahead to ensure that your drugs are covered. Most of the residents of Arizona qualify for this plan even if they have pre-existing conditions.

Medicare Part D or Prescription Drug Plans in Arizona

Medicare Part D or Prescription Drug Coverage plans are designed for seniors of 65 years of age. This plan is not a part of original medicare and need to be purchased as a standalone plan. This plan can be purchased in conjunction with a Medicare supplement plan and can even be included in a Medicare Advantage plan. Medicare Part D plans reduce the prescriptions cost that are listed on the drug formulary of the plan. Seniors with Medicare Part D just need to pay a small copay or coinsurance at the pharmacy rather than paying the entire medication cost. This prescription drug plan is sold by private health insurance companies and you need to pay a monthly premium to have a Part D policy and you will also require to pay out-of-pocket costs like copays, deductibles and coinsurance.

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