Medicare in Colorado

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Colorado Medicare Plans


Medicare is the health insurance plans approved by federal government to offer coverage for senior citizens as well as disabled. Nearly 60 million Americans were enrolled in Medicare in 2018. Most Americans over 65 years of age is eligible for the coverage.

Colorado Medicare Part A:

Medicare Part A basically pays expenses to the patients incurred during the hospital stay. The expenses covered include the cost paid on room fees, meals, operating room, lab tests and X-rays. Medicare Part A also includes the expenses incurred on medical supplies and other drugs that doctors prescribed through the period patient stayed at the hospital.

However, the Medicare Part A does not cover few of the expenses you have to pay during the hospital stay including the fees of doctor, hospital fees and the fee such as private duty nursing etc.

Colorado Medicare Part B:

Medicare Part B is designed to cover essential outpatient services such as routine doctor visits, many emergency medical services, outpatient mental health services and some preventive care measures as well. The plan covers the expenses incurred on the equipment and tests used and conducted during these outpatient services. Medicare Part B also coverage like Part A for certain medication administered during your visit.

Colorado Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C)

Medicare Advantage plan is also called Medicare Part C. The plan combines overall benefits of Medicare Parts ‘A & B’ in one plan. The plan differs from standard Medicare plan in a way that it’s offered through private insurers approved by Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans offer combined coverage of the following:

  • Hospital (Part A)
  • Doctor (Part B)

Alongside, the plan includes all the benefits included in Original Medicare plan. Moreover, many Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans also offer prescription drug coverage and routine eye and dental care coverage as well.

Colorado Medicare Part D:

The problem with original Medicare plan is that it does not cover outpatient prescription drugs. This is where Medicare comes in the picture. Medicare Part D is designed to cover common generic and brand name prescription drugs under the government guidelines for what medications Medicare Part D plans must cover. To note, the prescription drugs that Medicare Part D covered vary from plan to plan. This is why it’s recommended to verify if prescriptions are covered in each plan’s list.

Colorado Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans:

Medigap health insurance policy, also called a Medicare Supplement, is designed to help beneficiary pay the expenses that the patient has to pay other than the expenses covered under original Medicare Parts A and B. If you are eligible, you can buy a Medicare Supplement policy from registered private insurance companies.

The Medigap policy offered by the private insurance carriers is identified as “Medicare Supplement Insurance.” Most of the States offer Medigap benefits in 10 categories named as A, B, C, D, F, G, K, L, M, and N. These plans have innovative benefits offered to the beneficiaries.

You’re eligible to subscribe Medicare Supplement insurance plan only if you have an existing Original Medicare policy. Medigap help you to pay for out-of-pocket costs under Medicare Part A, and Medicare Part B but does not include benefits for Medicare Part C.

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