Medicare in District of Columbia

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Washington DC Medicare Plans

Medicare in DC is a government run health insurance program for citizens over 65. The people under 65 years of age who have certain medical conditions can also avail the Medicare benefits.


For broad coverage in addition to the standard, the program, offers options to offer alternative. These alternatives include Medicare Part C (or Medicare Advantage) and Medicare Part D.

Medicare Part A&B:

Medicare Part A is designed to help beneficiaries with inpatient hospital stays and skilled nursing facility care. The package also covers in some cases a hospital stay, some blood transfusions, hospice care and certain skilled home health-care services too.

Medicare Part B program covers expenses for doctor visits including some disease prevention screenings and wellness check-ups, outpatient services, laboratory work, durable medical equipment, physical therapy, and limited home health-care services. To receive the benefits of Medicare part B, beneficiary needs to pay a monthly premium.

Medicare Part C (Medicare Advantage):

If you’re willing to go with an alternative to Original Medicare coverage, a Medicare Advantage plan in Washington, D.C is the best fit. Medicare advantage plans offer the similar coverage Medicare Part A and Part B provides. Medicare Plan C is designed to help beneficiaries with out-of-pocket spending for services covered under Medicare Parts A and B.

All Medicare Advantage plans must have a a yearly out-of-pocket spending limit. If the limit increases, Medicare Advantage plan pays 100% of covered health-care costs for the remainder of the year.

Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage)

If you are availing Medicare benefits in DC, you can opt for Medicare Part D to pay of the expenses incurred on prescription drug. In DC, Medicare Part D is available in two ways. Beneficiaries with Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), won’t get Medicare Part D automatically included in the coverage. They can get the coverage by enrolling in a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

For beneficiaries with Medicare Part C, prescription drug benefits are included in Medicare Advantage plan. These plans are also called Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plans that offer Medicare health and prescription drug benefits covered under a single plan.

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