Medicare in Florida

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Florida Medicare Plans

Medicare is a federal health insurance program designed for people who are 65 years or older or for people with a disability.


Eligibility for these plans is not based on income but the age and the basic coverage is the same in each state of the U.S. When enrolling for Medicare residents are provided with the coverage choice. They can either remain in the Original Medicare Plan or enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan or they might also choose a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan or a Medigap policy. Florida is a state with many retired seniors so by the end of 2018 there were more than four million Medicare beneficiaries in Florida as per the report of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare is available for seniors once they turn 65 and these plans are also available for some disabled workers and their spouses prior reaching 65 years of age. With new regulations in place by the ACA, Original Medicare has become much more beneficial for the residents of Florida. As per this act, preventative care is now free to seniors and disable people and so the residents of this state can now stay healthier by availing these services. When the residents of Florida become eligible for Medicare plans then they are automatically enrolled in original Medicare. Medicare plan pays only for primary hospital care along with other related essential medical services and it does not pay for long term care.

The Original Medicare is a fee-for-service plan managed by the Federal Government where beneficiaries are charged a fee for every health care service. Medicare Part A covers inpatient care like hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and home health care. Most of the people get Part A coverage without paying any premium because they or their spouses paid Medicare taxes while working. Medicare Part B covers doctors, outpatient care, durable medical equipment, home health, some preventive services along with other medical care. Medicare Part B is optional and people opting for it need to pay a monthly premium. However, for Medicare Part C and Part D residents need to shop for the plans as per their needs, budget and benefits of plans.

Medicare Advantage Plan or Part C in Florida

Medicare Part C is more popular in Florida compared to other states in the U.S. Around 42% of Medicare beneficiaries in Florida opt for Advantage plans and this state has around 68 Medicare Advantage plans in 2019 which can be availed depending on the area where one live. Although some counties have only eight or nine options in Medicare Advantage plans. There was a medicare Advantage open enrollment period in 2019 from January 1 to March 31 during which beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans can either switch to Medicare Advantage plan or drop their Advantage plan and enroll in Original Medicare.

Medicare Part D in Florida

Medicare beneficiaries who wish to avail prescription coverage can either avail through employer sponsored Medicare Advantage plan or a stand-alone Part D plan. About 1.5 million Medicare beneficiaries in Florida were enrolled in Stand-along Part D plans in 2018 and most of the Medicare beneficiaries get their Part D coverage under a medicare Advantage plan. Only one third of Medicare beneficiaries in Florida have stand-alone Part D prescription coverage.

Medigap Plans in Florida

Medicare Supplement plans or Medigap plans in Florida are offered by private insurance companies and are designed to cover some of the out-of-pocket expenses that are not covered by Original Medicare. Medigap policies benefits are same across different insurance companies though price may vary from carrier to carrier. After one turn 65 and are enrolled in Medicare Part B then one have six months to enroll in Medicare Supplement insurance plan because during this period the insurance company cannot deny you Medigap coverage.

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