Medicare Insurance Plans by State

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Medicare Options Available in your State

Medicare is a federal health-care program designed for seniors of age 65 and for individuals under 65 having certain health conditions like end-stage renal disease or Lou Gehrig’s disease, and for individuals who have received disability benefits for 24 consecutive months. Medicare has covered more than 61 million seniors and disabled Americans throughout the country. A little more than one-third of Medicare beneficiaries have obtain Medicare coverage through private Medicare Advantage plans and the other two-thirds have Original Medicare. More than 25 million Medicare beneficiaries have also purchased stand-alone Medicare Part D Prescription drug coverage because outpatient drug costs is not covered under Original Medicare.

Find Medicare Part C and Part D Options in your State

Though Original Medicare is same in all the U.S. states but there are significant variation in Medicare Part C and Part D plans in all the states. These plans vary from one state to another in terms of pricing, availability and regulation of private Medicare plans. Medicare beneficiaries of different states make specific choices depending upon their coverage and price. To know more about these Medicare coverage in a specific state, find below your state to avail information about the Medicare products offered there by the different insurance companies.

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