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If you are looking for affordable health care plans for your family in Minnesota, this brief reckoner will help you in finding one. As of now five insurers are providing 2019 coverage in the state’s individual health market.

Minnesota Health Insurance: A Quick Look

Minnesota runs its health insurance programs from its state-run health insurance exchange named MNsure. In the state, open enrollment for the coverage ends on January 13, 2019. However, citizens going through the qualifying events may apply enroll even if they missed the deadline.

As of now, there are five insurance carries providing 2019 coverage. About 116,000 citizens enrolled in 2018 coverage through the Minnesota exchange. State adopted Affordable care act expansion in 2013. You can also buy short term health insurance in Minnesota that is limited to 185 days.

Minnesota Health Marketplace:

Minnesota runs its marketplace enrollment via its state-run exchange MNsure. In the state, enrollments until Dec. 15 go effective from Jan. 1 next year. Similarly, enrollment between Dec. 16 and Jan. 13 comes effective from Feb 1. As of now, five insurers in the stare are offering coverage they are Blue Plus, Group Health, Medica, UCare and PreferredOne.

Short Term Health Insurance Plans in Minnesota

Insurance seekers can buy short-term plans in the states with certain conditions tucked. The person looking for buying an additional short term health care plan as long as their total time with short-term coverage doesn’t exceed 365 days out of any 555-day period.

Minnesota Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans:

Individual and family health insurance plans in the state are best suited for the families that don’t receive insurance through work and do not qualify for Medicare as well. Following are the insurance plans available in the state:

Short term health insurance:

In the state, Golden Rule Health Insurance Company underwrites these plans. It’s a kind flexible health insurance coverage that’s best suited for the situations you pass through the transition phase.

You are eligible for the short term health insurance if you have just missed the open enrollment and do not qualify for the special Enrollment. You may also apply for the insurance if your ACA coverage is yet to start and hunting for coverage to bridge you to Medicare.

Short term health insurance offers faster coverage and allows beneficiaries to pick the deductible amount from several options. The plan lets insurance seekers choose from one month to one year. Beneficiary can apply for a new short term insurance if first one finishes.

Dental Insurance Plans

In Minnesota, Dental insurance plans are designed to provide insurance seekers coverage for common dental care issues. These plans offer paid expenses for dental services whether it’s preventive, basic or major. In Minnesota, Dental insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. The plans are designed to help beneficiaries with best in class health care coverage.

You can choose from a wide range of best dental insurance plans for your various dental insurance coverage needs. They cover preventive care treatments like routine cleanings and fluoride treatments without any deductible or waiting period. In addition, coverage for basic services like fillings is also included with their respective deductible and waiting periods. These plans come with no age restrictions and offer coverage for the whole family.

Vision Insurance Plans

Like dental coverage in the state, vision insurance is an ideal plan that’s designed to offer expenses for ongoing vision care. The plan covers expenses for routine eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. Underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company, the plan offers coverage for people of all ages without any waiting period at all. The plan coverage is accepted by a nationwide network of vision service and eyewear providers.

FAQ on Minnesota Health Insurance

The individual mandate law that requires you to have health insurance does not apply anymore in Minnesota in 2020 at the federal level. The individual mandate has been repealed by the Trump administration in 2019, so people without health insurance for more than two months do not have to pay tax penalty at the federal level. Earlier the individual mandate law was in place as per the Affordable Care Act at the state level to encourage people to purchase health insurance and to have at least minimum essential coverage.  

Open enrollment for 2021 health plans in the Minnesota health insurance marketplace will run from November 1, 2020, to December 22, 2020. Residents who are looking to enroll in a new health plan can apply for a plan of their choice during this enrollment period. People can even make changes in their existing plan during this period. Outside the open enrollment window, only people with qualifying events are allowed to enroll in a health plan. People who fail to enroll during this open enrollment window will have to wait for another year to enroll in a health plan. 

Short-term health plans are available for purchase in Minnesota, but residents of this state can have short-term plans only for a period of six months, and plans are additionally issued on a nonrenewable basis.

Residents of Minnesota can purchase cheap health insurance plans through the MNsure private health insurance marketplace, especially people who are not eligible for Medicaid. People looking for a cheap health plan in 2020 are recommended to start their health insurance search with the UCare M Health Fairview Silver HSA plan, which is the cheapest health plan in nearly half of the state in 2020. This plan has a monthly premium of $261. Another option of a cheap health plan in Minnesota is the Peak $3000 HSA Silver plan but this plan is available only in 11 counties.

After carefully researching and comparing all the health insurance plans available on the Minnesota exchange, the cheapest health plan in each metal-tier are:

  • The cheapest Bronze plan in Minnesota in 2020 for a 40-year old is UCare M Health Fairview Bronze HSA plan having a monthly premium of $222.
  • The cheapest Silver plan in Minnesota in 2020 for a 40-year old is UCare M Health Fairview Silver HSA plan having a monthly premium of $261.
  • The cheapest Gold plan in Minnesota in 2020 for a 40-year old is Blue Plus Strive Metro Region Gold Plan 492 having a monthly premium of $333.
  • In Minnesota, five health insurance carriers will be offering individual health insurance coverage through the state-run exchange MNsure. The five insurers are:

  • Blue Plus
  • Group Health
  • Medica
  • UCare
  • PreferredOne
  • PreferredOne offers individual health plans only off-exchange, while the other four carriers make their plans available through MNsure. 

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