Dental Insurance New Jersey

Best Dental Insurance New Jersey

With dental coverage not included in the major health insurance plans, residents of New Jersey do look for a dental plan that offers extensive coverage for most dental procedures along with a higher annual maximum. Dental insurance is often ignored by a large number of people, as they failed to realize that dental insurance is too of great importance that allows residents to save on their dental care costs. Dental insurance not just protects people financially but also encourages people to plan regular dental visits that can alert them about major health issues like heart disease and stroke. Thus, it is always good for people to power their smiles with the best dental insurance plan in New Jersey.

Different Types of Dental Plans available in New Jersey

The Garden State is quite focused in its approach to providing its residents with comprehensive oral coverage for a long time. The New Jersey dental association was founded in 1870 to provide advanced quality, ethical oral healthcare for the public. To cater to the adult oral health care need, different types of dental plans are offered in New Jersey. The three most popular dental plans available in New Jersey include:

Preferred Provider Organization Dental Plan

A PPO dental plan is a type of plan comprising a network of dentists who agree to provide dental care services to members of the plan at discounted fees. The benefits covered under the dental plan depend upon the plan chosen by a person. If members of the PPO plan visit an out-of-network dentist, then they likely pay the dental care costs from their pocket.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization

A DHMO is a type of dental plan comprising a network of dentists who receive a monthly fee to provide dental care services to members. Members of the DHMO plan can visit a dentist within the DHMO network to receive dental care services at discounted rates. In the DHMO plan, some of the dental care services are fully covered, whereas some of the dental care requires a copayment.

Discount Dental Plans

Dental insurance carriers offering discount dental plans associate with a group of dentists, who agree to render dental care services at discounted rates. Discounts are offered on most of dental care services like cosmetic procedures. Discount dental plans do not pay the dentist for the received services, instead of members of this plan pay for the received dental care treatment at the discounted rate fixed by the plan.

How to Choose the Best Dental Plan in New Jersey?

While choosing the best dental plan, individuals need to consider a lot of factors. They will need to check the coverage and benefits of the dental plan, the network of dentists included in the plan, along the fine print of the dental plans. Some of the vital factors that should be considered by individuals before purchasing a dental plan are:

  • Individuals should not only shop for dental plans keeping in mind only their requirements. If they are married and have kids then they need to figure out the dental care needs of their spouses as well as kids too before enrolling in a dental plan.
  • Another significant factor to consider is the network of dentists associated with each plan. Individuals should make sure that their choice of dentist is on the network provider’s list.
  • While checking the network of dentists associated with the plan, people must look for the number of dentists available in their areas and they should also check whether these dentists are accepting new patients or not.
  • Individuals should carefully go through the policy document to know about some essential details related to the plan. Individuals need to check that whether a dental plan has any waiting period or not, because if a plan has a waiting period then individuals will have to wait for that specific period before availing the benefits.

Dental Insurance Carriers available in New Jersey

Some of the dental insurance carriers offering dental plans in New Jersey include:

  • Delta Dental
  • Horizon BCBS
  • Nationwide
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Humana

Featured Dental Plans available in New Jersey

Some of the popular dental plans available in New Jersey are:

  • Renaissance Dental Max Choice Plus plan
  • Guardian Direct Advantage Gold plan
  • Ameritas Hollywood Super Smile 1500 plan

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