Vision Insurance New Jersey

Affordable Vision Insurance New Jersey

Though the legislation was recently passed by the Garden State, making essential health coverage mandatory for the residents of the state, still nearly 9 million residents of the New Jersey state are without vision insurance coverage. This is because the state-level health insurance mandates that require residents to have coverage for essential care that parallels the ten essential health benefits requirements of the Affordable Care Act includes vision coverage only for children but does not include coverage for adults. Due to this, many families in New Jersey do not have vision insurance, as most of the major health insurance plans available in New Jersey don’t include coverage for vision insurance. Thus, residents of the state who wish to have vision coverage need to shop for a private affordable vision plan from a private carrier.

Seniors and adults who don’t have complete coverage for vision care through their health insurance plan have the option to choose a vision plan from the providers who specialize in vision care insurance. Selecting a stand-alone vision insurance plan is a good choice because it provides more comprehensive coverage compared to plans that have health and vision coverage clubbed together. With stand-alone vision insurance, individuals will have better coverage at an affordable price, as most of these plans do not include costly deductibles and instead have affordable copayments for some eye care services.

Reason to Buy Vision Insurance in New Jersey

Today most of the vision insurance plans available in the Garden State act must like insurance because they reduce large out-of-pocket expenses. The average yearly cost of wearing glasses usually turns out to be hundreds of dollars and the cost of wearing contacts turn up even higher, thus people of this state are advised to purchase a stand-alone vision plan. The majority of the vision plans available in the state has a monthly premium and keeps the eye care cost predictable and affordable. Most of the vision insurance plans cover the cost of annual exams, lenses, and frames and require a small copayment.

Factors to Consider while Looking for Best and Affordable Vision Insurance Plan in New Jersey:

Vision insurance plans in New Jersey are available in different price ranges, as individuals will have to pay out higher monthly premiums if they wish to have more comprehensive coverage. This allows individuals to find a plan that fits their requirements as well as their budgets, giving them the freedom to choose the coverage level they need rather than unnecessarily forcing them into an inexpensive plan. Individuals may find some similarities among all the vision insurance plans available in the state but slight differences are there among vision plans. Individuals before picking a vision plan need to evaluate their options based on their household size and their vision care requirements.

Some of the key features that individuals must consider before purchasing vision insurance are:

Annual Exam Coverage

The average cost of an eye exam is often closer to $100 in New Jersey but with the right vision plan people will be able to save hundreds on the eye exam cost. On availing a vision plan from VSP, individuals can obtain annual exams for as low as $15 copay, as this leading vision insurance carrier does offer some vision plans with this low copay amount. Some of the other vision insurance providers also offer some vision plans with low copay ranging from $10 to $40. Some of the vision plans do not provide coverage for annual exams, so individuals while shopping for vision plans need to pay attention to this aspect.

Frame Allowance

Though vision insurance plans do not provide coverage for the most expensive frames but individuals should opt for a vision plan that at least provide them an allowance of $100 to $150 or more toward the frames. An allowance is an amount, which the vision insurance carrier will pay toward the insured’s frames. Besides, individuals should opt for a vision insurance plan that provides frame replacement once per year, as eyesight can change rapidly.

Wide Network

Out-of-network eye care services are usually not covered under a vision plan, so individuals should always opt for a vision plan that has a wide network of eye-doctors. As the insured are required to visit an in-network eye-care provider only to get the most out of the plan, so they must pick a plan having a wide network. Individuals must also ensure that their preferred doctor is in the provider’s network.

Affordable Lenses

Individuals are required to pay a small payment toward their purchase of new lenses, and the plan pays most of the cost of lenses. Lens copayments generally range from $20 to $25 for single vision, bifocal, or trifocal lenses but some plans may even charge a higher copayment for bifocals or trifocals. Always prefer a vision plan that provides annual lens coverage.

Best Vision Insurance Carrier in New Jersey

The Garden State offers myriad choices for vision insurance, with several vision insurance carriers offering some good vision insurance plans. Though the best and affordable vision insurance plan will depend on the individual’s family size, budget, and the eye care services required. Some of the top picks for the best and affordable vision insurance in New Jersey are:

  • VSP
  • Davis Vision
  • Humana
  • Horizon Blue

Find a Right Affordable Plan For You