Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all Plan will Undoubtedly Improve the Health of Americans

Health care has always been a major issue in the presidential campaign and this year it is going to be no different. Voters have already said that health is among their top concerns and they will vote for the candidates, who will give due significance to the public healthcare. Among the different healthcare issues popping up in the U.S. health insurance sector, Medicare for All is also a leading issue of which voters are more concerned. Medicare for All is a proposal, which was developed in the late 1980s. With the huge popularity of the Medicare program, designed for senior citizens, the idea was to extend this program for the entire U.S. citizen. It is believed that iterations of Medicare for All will bring a completely new and generous program for all Americans.

Medicare for All was popularized by Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016 and was well supported by a majority of Americans and he even pushed a similar proposal in 2017 too. In April, he came up with his updated Medicare-for-all bill that would expand coverage of the government-sponsored program to all Americans and not just to seniors over the age of 65. This issue has become decisive within the Democratic Party, as lawmakers and contenders of 2020 are bickering over the ideal way to expand Medicare coverage to more people. Sanders’ proposal was supported by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts but others including Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar raised doubt and instead supported a law that would allow people to stay with the employer-based plan if they prefer.

As per a poll of the Kaiser Family Foundation, 87% of Democrats support “Medicare for All”. “Medicare for All” will create a national health insurance program offering coverage to everyone. The basic idea behind it is that access to health care is a human right. With this coming up, private health insurance will mostly evade from the market and there would be no premiums or cost-sharing for patients. Seeing the rising cost of healthcare in the U.S. it can be said that “Medicare for All” is the patient’s need, especially when many people are unable to get the care they need even after having insurance coverage. It indicates that health insurance is not serving its purpose due to its soaring costs. It is believed that a single-payer system like “Medicare for All” will provide comprehensive coverage to everyone including the currently uninsured 300 million Americans and will also eliminate out-of-pocket expenses like premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.

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