Healthcare to Drive 2020 Elections in the US

The 2020 presidential race is going to be yet another election in the US that will be driven by healthcare and might deliver sought-after victory to Democrats. This might be the case not because Democrats have done a lot right but simply because Republicans are continuously doing wrong. Democrats enjoyed an undeniable advantage on health care just before the 2018 midterms and even polls showed it as a top campaign issue. Republicans were trying hard the previous year to lift the Affordable Care Act and voters finally realized what they are going to lose, protection for pre-existing medical conditions, the Medicaid expansion along some other popular provisions.

Playing defensive on healthcare for eight years, Democrats, at last, were offensive and the public saw them as protectors of Obamacare and rewarded the party with the control of the House. But Democrats soon squandered their advantage and immediately launched a debate on the ways to improve the current system. Residents on the far left desired that Democrats are committed to abolishing private health insurance that would result in taking away employer-based plans from some 180 million Americans, who might be reluctant to give them up. Democrats are defensive again and had somehow missed an issue that could have been a complete advantage in a political liability. It is the incompetence and heartlessness of Republicans that have come to their rescue.

Republicans have continues a sort of backdoor sabotage of the law and have made several subtle changes like expanding the availability of junk insurance plans that seems good until the insured get sick and realize that the plans don’t cover necessary care. They have even reduced the funds for marketing campaigns that make people aware of open enrollment periods. They probably illegally included Medicaid work requirements and declare a plan to convert a part of Medicaid into block grants. The administration has implemented an immigration rule last month that has frightened families into disenrolling U.S. citizen children from Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The prospect of a public health crisis has drawn focus on the loop-holes of the healthcare system.

The uninsured rate has increased since 2016, which is mainly due to the Obamacare sabotage and there are stories revealing that Americans are stuck with huge medical bills for testing and hospital stays that are preventing uninsured and under insured from getting screened and treated when required. Plenty of errors on health policy has been made by the Trump administration and it is also showing in his handling of the corona-virus epidemic. The President has clearly indicated he cares more about the stock market than public health and has spread misinformation about them both. Trump and hid subordinate have even attacked doctors and scientists.

Even before corona-virus becoming a global pandemic, voters were saying that health care will be their major issue in the coming election. Some of the voters who were not convinced that they can’t trust Republicans on health care, some news broke that the Supreme Court would hear another case challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Though the case is going to be heard in the court’s next term, possibly before the November election, the Trump administration is still in favor to strike down the law. The government is still not prepared with a replacement plan if the court were to acquiesce representing terrible policy as well as terrible politics for the government.

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