President-elect Joe Biden has Pledged to Defend the Affordable Care Act

The majority of Americans benefit from the Affordable Care Act, and its abolition could impact millions of people. Millions of people are worried about the consequences if the Supreme Court struck down the Affordable Care Act. The fate of the decade-old health law is already in question, with the high court expected to hear the arguments in the near future. The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has increased the chance that the court could abolish the ACA, despite the fact that millions of people are losing job-based health coverage during the corona virus pandemic. As the U.S. Supreme Court considers a case attempting to strike down the law, president-elect Joe Biden has pledged to defend the Affordable Care Act.

Mr. Biden Thoughts on the Affordable Care Act

President-elect Joe Biden has said that his advisers are making contingencies and people don’t need to worry about losing health insurance coverage or about the removal of the preexisting conditions during the pandemic. He said that it is an attempt of the far-right ideologues to do what they have failed to do for a long time. He further added, there have been several attempts by President Trump to erase the law, which have been rejected by the court as well as Congress. The ideologues are again trying to strip health coverage from the Americans during the time of a deadly pandemic that has affected more than 10 million Americans.

Healthcare has always been a major issue for voters, and the ACA has always remained popular because more than half of Americans are in favor of the Affordable Care Act. Around 63% of the adults in the U.S. feel that the government has a responsibility to provide health coverage for all. This has even been acknowledged by Mr. Biden who thinks that the nation is more united on this issue than divided. As per Mr. Biden, earlier government’s effort to bypass the people’s will and the judgment of Congress is simply not acceptable and needlessly divisive, and he ensured that his administration would expand public health coverage on taking the office.

About the Healthcare Case

The healthcare case that is presented before the Supreme Court is about a dispute between a group of liberal states that are led by California who wants to protect the ACA law and a group of conservative states that are led by Texas who want to repeal the ACA act. The main issue is whether the ACA requirement for people to have insurance or pay a tax penalty is constitutional or not. Though the individual mandate penalty was revoked y the Republicans in 2018, the mandate to buy health insurance is technically still part of the law. Besides all the conservative states that want the ACA act to be repealed argue that without the tax, the individual mandate is unconstitutional and the whole law should be overturned. The defendants of this act say that it is constitutional even without the penalty and the plaintiffs cannot challenge the mandate.

Now the court needs to decide that is Texas and other conservative states have the right to challenge the ACA, and if they have the right then can individual mandate can be termed unconstitutional without the tax. If the mandate is termed unconstitutional, then is it possible to keep the rest of the act without the mandate, or should the whole act be overturned? After the firstĀ  day of theĀ  oral arguments, court analysts said that it is not likely that the court believed that the whole of the law should be overturned. Both Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh suggested that will separately deal with the mandate from the rest of the act.

Biden’s Plan-of-Action

Biden has pledged to work with Congress to dramatically ramp up health care protections and provide universal coverage to Americans. He has also pledged to tackle the prescription drug costs and expand health coverage to the millions of uninsured people, who has significantly grown during the pandemic and economic crash. e has promised to Americans that he will do everything to ease the burden of healthcare on the people and their families.

Biden’s health plans like the creation of a public insurance option to compete with the private health plan, and to provide lucrative subsidies for middle-class consumers, mostly depend on the existence of the Affordable Care Act. Though most of the justices do not side with the Trump administration that the entire ACA law should be struck down, still the uncertainty over healthcare markets hang through spring. However, if Republicans keep control of the Senate and the ACA is struck down, then Democrats have planned for passing a replacement. Repealing of the Obamacare lawsuit has been described by both Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris as an attempt to overturn the will of the people. They even cited that their win in the presidential election is evidence that the people do not want the ACA to be eliminated.

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