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Tips to Choose between Obamacare and Employer-sponsored Health PlansSeptember 29, 2021

Tips to Choose between Obamacare and Employer-sponsored Health Plans

Today more and more people are purchasing health insurance plans because of rising cases of diseases like diabetes and hypertension along with the constant rise in the medical inflation rate. In addition to this, the last one and a half years were severely affected by COVID-19 and its implications that made people more cautious toward […]

Health Plan after COVIDSeptember 1, 2021

Enrollment in Individual Health Plan is still possible after Ending of COVID SEP in the Most States

The COVD related Special Enrollment Period may have ended on August 15, 2021, in most states but the American Rescue Plan’s health insurance affordability provisions are still in effect and available for many individual market buyers. It means individuals who have an opportunity to buy coverage again either through open enrollment or due to qualifying […]

Free Health InsuranceJuly 8, 2021

Free Health Insurance for Uninsured Americans with Stimulus Package

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected millions of people who have lost their job due to this global pandemic and are now struggling to afford health insurance. However, a lifeline has been offered to the uninsured through the American Rescue Plan that provides free health insurance to people who lost their jobs in this pandemic. The […]

Protected After Vaccinated against COVID-19June 19, 2021

How Much Protected Are You After Being Vaccinated against COVID-19?

With COVID-19 vaccinations going on full fledge across the country, it is common for you to be curious about several facts and myths surrounding the vaccination. You may have questions regarding the working of the vaccination or may also be wondering that how much protected you will be to the virus after being vaccinated. Rigorous […]

Health Coverage Even while Being HealthyJune 4, 2021

Americans Make Use of your Health Coverage Even while Being Healthy

People generally think that health insurance coverage is essential to financially protect them at the time of a medical emergency. This financial protection ensures that they avail the required medical care which they generally avoid in case if they are uninsured, due to the exorbitant healthcare costs. People need to get rid of this notion […]

Health Coverage at Lower Premiums Due to American Rescue PlanMay 10, 2021

Health Coverage at Lower Premiums Due to American Rescue Plan

The American Rescue Plan or ARP has come as a big relief for millions of Americans who are either uninsured or who buy their health insurance plan in the individual market. ARP has significantly changed the rule and has improved American access to affordable comprehensive health insurance. President Biden signed legislation in the second week […]

Buy Health Insurance Online for a Lucrative DealApril 27, 2021

Buy Health Insurance Online for a Lucrative Deal

Our healthcare needs have been significantly changed in the last decade mainly due to our lifestyle changes. Today people have become vulnerable to several illnesses and diseases that require them to seek medical services time and again. Long working hours, unhealthy diet, and environmental factors have led to a compulsive need for regular attention and […]

Private Health Insurance for UninsuredApril 24, 2021

Private Health Insurance – The Most Viable Option for the Uninsured

Under the provision of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 younger adults of age 26 years or older must have their health insurance policy to financially protect themselves for medical emergencies. In the current scenario, many Americans have lost their jobs as well as their health insurance leaving them with no option other than to […]

Rescue Plan for Health Care CoverageApril 21, 2021

Understanding the Significance of the American Rescue Plan for Health Care Coverage

To address the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the accompanying economic disruption, President Biden enacted a $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act on March 11, 2021. A significant issue that was brought to light by this pandemic is that millions of U.S. residents are uninsured and government needs to make effort to provide […]

Private Individual Health Plan and Save Money on your HealthcareApril 14, 2021

Carefully Search for a Private Individual Health Plan and Save Money on your Healthcare

Individuals who don’t have access to health insurance coverage through their employers or who are self-employed may have to look for private individual health insurance plans. Most individuals think that they cannot afford health insurance and so they avoid even looking for the options available to them. It is essentials for individuals to find good […]

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