A Comprehensive Overview on Travel Health Insurance

travel health insurance plan

Travel health insurance is crucial when people are planning a getaway, so people while planning their next trip should take time and shop for the best travel health insurance plan. People may be aware that health insurance provides coverage for things like wellness check-ups, vaccinations, illnesses, and injuries while they are within their country. A majority of health insurance plans provide coverage to people when they are in the country and their coverage will stop when they will leave the country. Thus, people need to scour the fine print of their health plan to check whether their plans are offering coverage or not while traveling to an alien country. People who are not covered while traveling to a different country need to have a travel health insurance plan. Even individuals enrolled in Medicare plan will need to have travel health insurance because medicare plan also covered its enrollees only when they are in the United States.

About Travel Health Insurance

People should not get confused between travel health insurance and travel insurance, as both are different. Travel insurance protects people from things like their financial investment on their travels, lost baggage, and canceled flights, and will not protect people against medical expenses while they are abroad. This is where, travel health insurance plan proves significant as it protects people when they get sick or injured while traveling outside of the U.S. Thus, any individuals who are traveling abroad or planning a trip to another country should try to have travel health insurance, as they never know when and where injuries or illnesses can occur. Travel health insurance will provide key medical benefits in case of an emergency.

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Types of Travel Health Insurance Plans

The travel health insurance plan is designed to provide emergency medical expense coverage and emergency evacuation coverage. If people traveling to another country suffer an unexpected illness, injury, or medical condition that is covered under the travel medical plan, then the plan will reimburse the traveler for reasonable and customary costs of emergency medical and dental care. Generally, there are two types of travel medical insurance plans:

Stand-alone Travel Health Insurance Plans

These plans provide coverage for emergency medical and dental expenses that the traveler incurs while traveling to another country. People need to know that this type of travel medical plan does not provide coverage for trip cancellation insurance or baggage and personal item insurance.

Comprehensive Travel Medical Insurance Plan

Besides emergency medical and dental benefits, a comprehensive travel medical plan provides coverage for trip delay, trip cancellation, etc. This travel medical plan is considered ideal to provide coverage for a host of potential problems.

Depending on the duration of the trip, there are three types of travel health insurance plans that people can obtain based on their trip duration. 

Single Trip Travel Health Plan

According to its name, this travel health plan provides coverage to travelers for a single trip.

Multi-trip Travel Health Plan

Individuals can opt for this type of travel health plan if they are planning multiple overseas trips for three to twelve months.

Long-term Major Medical Plan

If individuals need to go abroad for a long period like for twelve months or more, then they can obtain this type of travel health insurance plan to have adequate coverage.

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The Need for Travel Health Insurance

Traveling to a new country is an exciting experience, but people need to be prepared for unpredictable illnesses and accidents. This is vital because resulting medical bills can be overwhelming. Besides, the level of international medical coverage provided by domestic-carrier may vary greatly depending on the plan, so people may have limited coverage or no coverage at all, and the travel health insurance can provide them the required coverage in their trip.

Travel health insurance is ideal for the following:

  • People going on safaris, or cruises
  • International vacationers
  • Relatives visiting from different countries
  • Students going abroad to study
  • International business travelers

Benefits Covered under Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance comprises of several benefits and some of the standard benefits of travel health plans include:

Trip Interruption

There may be circumstances when travelers need to return home earlier than planned due to covered reasons like the death of a close relative or other major issues. Trip interruption benefit will help people with the additional expenses incurred on making necessary arrangements for returning.

Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation

This benefit of travel health insurance will make arrangements for the insured transportation to the close medical facility where they can be given adequate care on becoming sick or injured. This benefit will also pay for their return trip if their condition become stable to travel.

Return of Mortal Remains

In the unfortunate case of the traveler’s death while on the trip, this benefit of the travel health insurance may pay for local cremation or transportation of mortal remains to the home country.

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment

If a traveler meets with an accident due to which he dies or loses one or more limbs, then as a plan benefit he/she will be provided with a lump sum benefit.

Ancillary Benefits – Some of the travel health insurance plans provide additional benefits like ID theft assistance, natural disaster relief, terrorism, and return of minor children, etc.

Average Cost of Travel Health Insurance

On average, the travel health insurance plans generally cost between $40 to $80 for a short trip. However, the cost of travel health insurance usually depends on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Duration of the Trip
  • Medical and Evacuation coverage

Best Travel Health Insurance Providers

It is always best to be prepared for unexpected illness or accidents while traveling to a foreign land through a travel health insurance plan. People just need to buy the best travel health insurance plan available in their area. Some of the best travel health insurance carriers available in the U.S. are:

  • Allianz Global
  • Seven Corners
  • IMG
  • RoamRight
  • World Nomads

Find a Right Affordable Plan For You