Get Access to Some of the Cheap and Affordable Health Plans during this Open Enrollment Period

Open Enrollment Period

With open enrollment for the 2021 plan year approaching, people who are looking to purchase a new health plan or wish to switch to another plan should carefully analyze all their requirements and expectation from their health plan, so that they are able to pick the best one. Individuals need to have clarity on their requirements and expectation from their health plans so that at the open enrollment they are quick to obtain the best health coverage for themselves as well as their families.

Start Health Plan Shopping by finding Best Available Options

Before the open enrollment period begins, people should be ready by sorting some of the best health insurance options available in their area. With dozens of health insurance companies offering the best and affordable health plans throughout the nation, people can start by collecting a few quotes from their preferred health insurance carriers. Besides, directly consulting with the health carriers, people can also seek assistance from some leading health insurance portal that operates with the sole intention to help people pick cheap and affordable health plans that will help them meet their healthcare needs and expectation. People can easily request for quotes of some popular health plans offered by leading insurers and compare different plans to obtain the best coverage.

Make Best Use of the Open Enrollment Period

The open enrollment is the annual period during which people are allowed to enroll in a new health insurance plan for the coming year. People can also make use of this period to browse health insurance plans available to them on the Affordable Care Act marketplace. During the open enrollment period, people must visit and complete their profiles detailing their location, age, and insurance needs. After completing their profile, people will be directed to their respective state’s exchange, where they can explore the health plan options available to them. People here can directly sign up for a new health plan through the exchange or by consulting any of the insurers offering plans in their state.

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Open Enrollment Period

Generally, in most of the states, the Open Enrollment period begins on November 1 and closes on December 15. States that have their own exchanges have more flexible enrollment periods. The plan purchased during the open enrollment period become effective on January 1 of the following year.

Special Enrollment Period

There may be times when people might need to change their plan outside of the open enrollment period because either they have lost their employer-based coverage or their is change in their household. In both cases, people will become eligible for a Special Enrollment Period. During the Special Enrollment Period, people can access the ACA marketplace outside of the standard open enrollment period. Some of the qualifying life events that trigger special enrollment period are:

  • If there are changes in people’s households like got married, got divorced, death of a spouse in the last 60 days, or given birth or adopted a child.
  • If there are changes in their residence, as if they are planning to move outside of their zip code or from transitional to permanent house.
  • If the policyholder or anyone in their household has lost coverage with the past 60 days or expect to lose coverage in the next 60 days.
  • Some of the other qualifying life events are gaining citizenship status or membership in a federally recognized tribe.

How to Obtain Cheap and Affordable Health Plans

People shopping for health insurance should be aware that instead of consulting each insurer individually for having a quote of a health plan, they can visit health insurance portals that provide them with easy and convenient comparison tools that allow them simply compare among their choice of health plans and pick that best suit them. These health insurance portals not only have a comparison tool, but these portals are also served by health insurance experts and advisors with whom people can directly speak to seek assistance while picking a health plan.

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The Average Cost of Health Insurance

The cost of health insurance plans is the biggest concern of people while shopping for health coverage. Though, the cost of health insurance greatly depends on the area where the applicant is residing, age, and their smoking habit. People who are older in age are required to pay more for health insurance compared to people of younger age. Similarly, people who smoke will be required to pay more because they are more likely to have health issues that will require them to use their health insurance more. The average monthly health insurance premium for individuals are

Individual’s Age Monthly Premium
Individuals under 18 years $150.00
Individuals from 18 years to 24 years $180.00
Individuals from 25 years to 34 years $240.00
Individuals from 35 years to 44 years $300.00
Individuals from 45 years to 54 years $400.00
Individuals from 55 years to 64 years $580.00

Find a Right Affordable Plan For You