Different Ways to Improve Health Care for the Future

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The Affordable Care Act completed ten years in the healthcare system by allowing significant progress in the health care industry in the ten years. A lot has been done and more needs to be done to build upon the ACA’s success in the future.

Some of the things that need to be done to improve health care in the future are:

Check on Surprise Medical Billing

It is observed that one in five Americans receive a surprise medical bill from a doctor. Most of the time people are not even aware that medical services which they received were out of their network coverage and they are going to receive a bill for it. Thus, both legislators and health industry leaders will need to quickly tackle this issue to protect patients from facing financial penalties for receiving out-of-network medical care, which is not their fault. The fear of surprise medical bills needs to be removed from the people’s minds so that they do hesitate to seek the required treatment.

Encouraging People to Adopt Health Care Innovations

It was observed that an increasing number of people around 75% of patients having access to telehealth services do not avail of its advantages simply because they are either not aware of the existence of the telehealth services or they are unable to utilize the technology that is essential for the virtual consultation. Both patients and healthcare providers should be encouraged to adopt innovations like telehealth in the medical field that offer ease and convenience and also expand access to health care.

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Transparency in Healthcare Services without Compromising the Privacy

In current times people deserve to have access to better and personalized health care information. This will empower them in making a better and more informed decision related to their health and healthcare. However, measures should be adopted that while maintaining transparency in the system, the health care costs should not drive up or the privacy of the patient’s data should be compromised. Health insurance companies should look for ways to become increasingly customer-centric and should empowered customers with more transparent information and more freedom of choice. Patients need to gain access to healthcare information and take control of their health care decisions.

Protecting Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Plans

Health insurance plans like Medicare Advantage and Medicaid that have a high satisfaction rate of 93% among their enrollees should be protected from any harmful cuts or changes that might affect the effectiveness of these plans.

Stabilize Individual Marketplace

To foster a stronger health insurance marketplace and to ensure that low-income patients can afford adequate coverage state government should support expanding premium tax credits eligibility. Young adults should be provided with enhanced premium tax credits. States should also consider state-level individual mandates as well as auto-enrollment and reinsurance programs to maximize the number of individuals receiving health coverage and should also stabilize health insurance premiums without reducing any protection for existing patients.

Retain ACA Market Reforms

The ACA market reforms should be retained, and the establishment of a permanent federal reinsurance program should be supported. The sale of health insurance plans in the individual and small-group markets that do not provide guarantee coverage for pre-existing conditions along with essential health benefits should be opposed.

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Increase Competition to Reduce Drug Prices

The rising costs of the drug are becoming a great concern for both patients and insurers, and this needs to be addressed in the future. People should not avoid buying medications due to the high cost and start ignoring their health. To keep drug prices in check, it is vital to introduce more competition in the drug market that will lower costs and ensure people that they save while buying drugs.

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