Distinguish Features that Set Apart a Good Health Insurance Plan from the Rest

best and affordable health insurance plan

Today people in America are quite conscious about their health and in their attempt to live a healthy lifestyle, people pay a great amount of attention to health and wellness programs. Besides, even the healthcare industry in America is becoming customer-friendly and agile therefore helping its people lead a much healthier lifestyle. There are several benefits of a healthy lifestyle such as higher metabolism, reduce stress, more active, better utilization of time, and indulgence in positive activities. No matter how much precaution and care are taken by people to live a healthy life but they cannot stay away from the risks of illness or accidents. As a result, people may require different lab tests, hospitalization, emergency care, surgery, etc. It is during this time the significance of best and affordable health insurance plan can be well realized.

Health insurance scope is so massive that people find it extremely confusing to pick the best healthcare plan for themselves that ideally suffice their needs. People always fear to end up choosing the wrong plan, which may not fulfill their healthcare needs and might even cost more money. Therefore, people need to understand the importance of buying a perfect health plan and to help them in their endeavor, find below some useful tips that will help people identify features that set apart a good health plan from the rest. People should first conduct thorough research of their requirements and if they don’t have enough time, then going through the below features will help them find the best plan easily.

Lifetime renewability of the Plan

All the health insurance companies must insure people till the age of 65 years. After this people receive coverage under the umbrella of Medicare. In case, if people are shopping for health insurance at the marketplace, then they need to check out that private health insurer is providing lifetime benefits or not. As per the IRDA rule, health insurers should provide every American a health plan having the option of lifetime renewability.

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No Medical Test required for Enrollees before the 45 Years

It is commonly observed that health insurance companies before issuing the policies ask enrollees to undergo certain medical tests. However, if enrollees are under 45 years of age, they are legally not supposed to undergo any medical tests, unless they are facing some serious health consequences. In case, if people are advised to undergo some required medical tests, then they should get these tests done and submit the report to insurer to ensure fast settlement of their claims.

Pre-existing Health Conditions

Health insurance companies cannot deny health insurance coverage to any individual due to pre-existing conditions. Every health insurer starts providing coverage after 48 months from the date of issuing the plan. Some of the health plans start providing coverage after 36 months from the date of issuing the policy if the insured is having pre-existing conditions. Thus, people need to check with their health insurers, if they give adequate coverage for pre-existing conditions or not. It has been mandatory by the ACA for every health insurer to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. Some of the health insurers start providing coverage even before the completion of 36 months.

The plan having Day-care and Outpatient Department Facility

As per the ACA, individuals are supposed to remain hospitalized for a minimum duration of 24 hours to claim for the healthcare bills. However, after the ACA, it has become mandatory for the health insurers to cover enrollees for OPD as well as for day-care related health issues. Thus, people should make sure that their plan has all the day-care and the OPD facilities in its service provisions. People should check all the facilities as certain conditions might not be included in their plan.

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Plan’s Sub-limits

Since the implementation of the ACA, people should keep an eye on the feature that if there are any sub-limits given in the plan. For instance, if a person requires hospitalization, then he/she may require a hospital room, doctor’s fees, tests, surgery, and several other hospitalization charges. However, under sub-limits, health insurance companies try to limit their coverage amount in all these areas. People should check the amount sanctioned under each sub-limit to ensure that they have not been deprived of coverage in some areas.

People should know that the best way to buy a health insurance plan is to compare at least 3 to 4 insurance providers. This will give them a good idea of what different insurers are offering within the competitive rates.

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