Different Ways through Which Health Insurance Providers Are Delivering Better Access to Healthcare

Health Insurance Providers

After the ten successful years of the Affordable Care Act, the health insurance providers are applauding and celebrating its progress, simply because when people have the coverage they have access to healthcare and so they stay healthy and that also keeps the country healthy. Health insurance providers need to ensure that healthcare costs should not be a financial burden on individuals. By bringing the focus on value and innovation, people can get the healthcare they need when required and at a price that they can afford. Value-based care is a way through which health insurance providers ensure that doctors are rewarded for better patient health and not for delivering more healthcare services. Health insurance providers’ commitment to value lead toward the goal of greater quality and affordability.

ACA Reforms Brought Focus Back on People

It was the effect of ACA reforms only that around 86% of people reported being satisfied with their health insurance coverage, which they have obtained through a healthcare exchange. People rate their exchange plans high in terms of doctor’s choice, access to primary and specialty care, and based on cost-sharing features like co-payments for physician visits and prescription drugs.

Chronic Care Management Programs

It is estimated that around 4 in 5 Americans will suffer from a chronic disease by 2030, and with every chronic condition, people not only face higher costs but also difficulty in managing their health. Therefore, all health insurance companies provide disease management services for members with chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes. It has been estimated that chronic care management programs could save about 0.9% of national health spending.

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Value-Based Care

Since the Affordable Care Act becomes effective, health insurance providers are working to transfer the focus on the healthcare delivery system. It is now rewarding the quality of outcomes than applauding the number of tests and procedures. In the value-based care models, patients receive the best care available that further helps them in managing the overall healthcare costs. Currently, around 226.5 million Americans are receiving care through value-based models.

Adopting Latest Technology for Improved and Better Healthcare

The ways of accessing healthcare are consistently changing, as due to the ACA health insurance companies are increasingly adopting the latest technologies to provide better healthcare, improved services, and high value in the form of telehealth and app-based care. The growth of these services is demonstrated through national study, which stated that telehealth services have considerably surged in the last few years.

Addressing Social Factors that Influence Health

It is a fact that around 70% of a person’s health is determined by other factors than healthcare and so health insurance providers have adopted transformed attention on social determinants of health. Health insurance companies are leveraging on innovative ways to align them into the existing care models. It was discovered in a survey that a significant number of health insurance companies are integrating social determinant initiatives into their healthcare programs for the people they are serving.

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