Health Insurance Providers Make Efforts to Provide People with Better Access to Healthcare

Health Insurance Providers

With the Affordable Care Act completing ten years, both people and the health insurance providers are happy and rejoicing. Thanks to this act, people now have a way to get access to healthcare, even if they don’t have health coverage through their employers. Besides, with more and more people enrolling in the ACA plan, even health insurance provides are benefitting. The Affordable Care Act is a win-win situation for both and due to this act, the health insurance providers can deliver people with better access to healthcare.

ACA Plans put People First

Due to the ACA health reforms, a significant number of people around 86% are reported to be satisfied with their plan, which they have obtained through a healthcare exchange. A large number of people seem to be extremely satisfied with the exchange plans compared to employer-sponsored plans. ACA plans are preferred by many because these plans offer a broader choice of doctors, better access to primary and specialty care, and also due to cost-sharing features like copayments and prescription drugs.

Chronic Disease Management Programs

It has been estimated that by 2030 around 4 in 5 Americans will be suffering from a chronic disease. Due to their chronic condition, people are expected to face higher healthcare costs and will find difficulty in managing their health. To help such people out, health insurance providers in America provide disease management services for people suffering from chronic medical conditions like diabetes and asthma. The chronic care management has been expected to produce savings of about 0.9% of national health spending or $331.3 billion over ten years.

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Value-Based Care Models

Health insurance providers in America are committed to ensuring that every American should have access to high-quality care and affordable coverage. The ACA-plans ensure that healthcare costs are not a financial burden for families, and it focuses on value and innovation so that Americans get the care they need when they need it at a price that they can afford. Health insurance providers in their attempt to implement value-based care reward doctors for better patient’s health and not for delivering more healthcare services. Health insurance providers work to refocus the healthcare delivery system on rewarding the quality of service rather than on the number of tests and procedures. At present, around 226.5 million Americans are receiving health care through this model.

Embracing Technology for Better Care

Health insurance providers are leading a digital transformation of healthcare, thanks to the ACA, resulting in better care for patients at reduced costs. With digitalization, health insurance providers can slow the seemingly inexorable rise in healthcare costs around the world. Health insurance providers are embracing increase use of the technologies to render good medical care, better services, and best value with the help of telehealth and app-based care. The tremendous growth of the telehealth and app-based services has been reported and according to a national study of insurance claims filed for alternative settings of care revealed that telehealth services have risen sharply from 2017 to 2020.

Addressing Social Factors that Influence Health

To improve health and to reduce longstanding disparities in health and healthcare, health insurance providers are addressing social determinants of health like socioeconomic status, social support networks, as well as access to health care, etc. It has been reported that around 70% of a person’s health is determined by other factors than medical care. Therefore, health insurance providers have adopted a revived focus on social determinants of health and are adopting new ways to integrate social determinants of health into the existing care model. It was discovered in a survey that more than 80% of the health insurance providers have integrated SDOH into their programs to serve people in a better and improved way.

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