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Individuals shopping for health insurance must be aware of the ten essential health benefits that come with ACA-compliant health plans. However, the essential benefits may differ from person to person.

Every ACA-compliant plans come with the ten essential health benefits

All the ACA-compliant health plans come with the ten essential health benefits such as inpatient healthcare, prescriptions, maternity, and mental health. Besides, children’s health insurance plans also pay for dental services. While health insurance companies can provide other benefits but it is essential for them to include offering the mandated coverage in any plan sold as a qualified major medical health plan. Some of the non-qualified plans such as short-term plans don’t have to offer the mandated coverage, so these plans may cost less. Advocates of mandated health insurance benefits ensure that consumers get the required coverage. However, the opponents of the mandated benefits think that is it correct to force everyone to pay more for health insurance plans that include benefits that they may not use.

Health Insurance Benefits that Consumers Value the Most

A survey was conducted to know about the health insurance benefits that consumers value the most. A majority of consumers who participated in the survey agree with some of the essential health benefits. Around 89% of respondents believe that plans should include preventive care, and 80% believe that the health insurance plan should cover emergency care. When asked about the benefits for which they would pay more for, most of the consumers responded for preventive and emergency care. While most of the consumers like the idea of mandated benefits, but feel premiums to be expensive that stretch their budgets.

  • Around 66% of the women considered maternity coverage as important but their percentage dropped to 28 if that benefit increases their premium amount.
  • Among the people of more than 44 years of age, only 4% agreed to pay more for a health plan covering maternity benefits.
  • Around 70% of the consumers under 35 thought that a health plan should include birth control and about 38% of younger adults were ready to pay for it.
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In the health insurance marketplace, health insurers often think that whether people should be allowed to pick and choose the health insurance benefits. It is easy to understand why an elderly single man may not prefer to pay extra to have maternity benefits. Similarly, younger women may also not prefer more for emergency care, which is most likely to be used by a middle-aged man.

By making everyone pay for all of the benefits, health insurance companies spread risks and premiums among a larger population. Moreover, it is difficult for people to know when they will need various medical benefits, so covering everyone helps protect them. Still, a good number of people have concerns over high health insurance premiums, and by getting rid of some of the benefits people may reduce the premium price. Undoubtedly there are both pros and cons of essential health benefits and people will continue to discuss it.

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