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September 14, 2020

Medicaid Eligibility Expanded in Oklahoma

Medicaid eligibility for all adults of ages 19 to 64 has been expanded in Oklahoma, according to which individuals in this age group making up to 133% of the Federal Poverty Level will qualify for the coverage. The expansion should begin by July 1, 2021, and the process can also be initiated earlier, a few […]

September 8, 2020

Know About Medigap Open Enrollment Period 2021

Medicare Supplement insurance plans or Medigap is an insurance plan offered by private health insurance companies that help beneficiaries pay their out-of-pocket costs of Medicare Part A and Part B plan. Though Medicare beneficiaries may apply for Medigap plans at any time of the year, but they may be charged more or can even be […]

August 18, 2020

Know in Details about the Medicare Part D Formulary in 2020

Medicare drug plans including both Prescription drug plans and Medicare Advantage plans have a formulary that refers to the list of drugs covered by a plan. Every prescription plan has its own formulary that includes both branded and generic prescription drugs. Every Medicare Part D plan offering prescription drug coverage is supposed to provide at […]

August 17, 2020

Medicare Prevents and Screens for Heart Disease

In the U.S., heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans and as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four deaths is due to some form of cardiovascular disease. In the U.S. it has been determined that around 805,000 people suffer a heart attack and 795,000 people have a stroke […]

August 17, 2020

Social Determinants of Health have been Successfully Addressed by Medicare

Nowadays Medicare has become proactive and has come up with programs to address issues that affect people’s well-being more than their health like the money they earn, the place they live, and access to resources like fresh food and clean water. The CMS believed that by addressing these issues, healthcare costs for both Medicare and […]

August 10, 2020

Know the Significant Difference Between Part B and Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

A majority of the Medicare beneficiaries rely upon Medicare Part D plan to have access to prescription drug coverage. However, people having some medical conditions may not even be aware that their Medicare Part B plan also covers some of their medications. Thus, people need to know that many of the adult vaccinations are covered […]

August 8, 2020

A Complete Overview on Medicare Part D Plan

Among all the Medicare plans, Medicare Part D is the latest addition to the Medicare Family, which was signed into law by President George W. Bush in 2003 and was introduced to the enrollees in January 2006. With the introduction of Medicare Part A, and Part B, qualifying Americans were having access to affordable hospitals […]

August 7, 2020

A Complete Detail about the Hospice Medicare Benefit

Hospice Medicare benefit is a part of Medicare that pays for hospice care and the benefit covers any care that is reasonable and essential for easing the course of a terminal illness. It is Medicare’s most comprehensive benefit that is extremely helpful for terminally ill individuals and their families. Very few people are able to […]

August 6, 2020

Individuals should Learn to Spot and Prevent Medicare Scams and Fraud

People will find it difficult to believe but fraud and scams in the health insurance sector are quite common. Surprisingly, the federal government in the financial year 2019 alone recovered $2.6 billion in false claims and fraud. The number only shows the cases that were caught, as chances are that there were more fraud and […]

July 30, 2020

Things to Ensure Before Enrolling in a Medicare Plan

People approaching 65 years of age is altogether a different experience for everyone. Some people may have already retired, some might be thinking about retirement or some might want to continue working for a while. There are a few things that people need to check when planning for health care after 65. Properly Introspect about […]

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