Unemployed, No Issue You Still have Options to Obtain Health Insurance

individual or family health insurance plan

It is not at all necessary to have a job to obtain health insurance. However, if you are looking for group health insurance or employer-based insurance, then only you need to have a job or be the owner of a business with at least one employee to obtain such coverage. But, if you are looking to buy individual or family health insurance plan, then you can buy it irrespective of your employment status. It is a fact that the majority of Americans do get their health insurance through their employer, and almost half of the Americans get employer-sponsored health insurance. But the remaining half should not lose hope because you will also be able to find health insurance that will be right for you and well within your budget.

Even without a job, you still have a few health insurance coverage options that are discussed below:


Depending upon your age, income, marital status, or if you have any dependent, you may qualify for government health insurance programs. For instance, you may qualify for Medicare, if you are 65 or older, or if you are a young person with a disability, or have End-Stage Renal Disease.


Medicaid is a government health plan designed for low-income individuals and families. After expansions under the Affordable Care Act, more than 72 million Americans are currently enrolled in this Medicaid plan and receiving quality coverage. You can check your Medicaid eligibility at your state’s Medicaid requirements. Medicaid health insurance is the most cost-effective option for all who have little or no income.

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Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act expanded the scope of health care in the United States in different ways, right from improving access, to affordable plans for individuals and families, to eliminating pre-existing condition exemptions, to providing more tax exemptions and rebates on health insurance plans, all such changes were implemented just because of the Affordable Care Act. You can get health insurance at different metal tiers like gold, silver, and bronze, through the Affordable Care Act. Health plans at all these tiers have different levels of coverage, deductible rates, and monthly premiums. Plans of higher metal tier like gold have higher monthly premiums and a lower deductible, though such plans are not preferred by younger people, with little to no history of health problems. You have the option to shop for ACA plans on the marketplace or state exchanges. If you are eligible for subsidies, then you can apply for it. If you are not eligible for subsidies and find ACA plans to be expensive, then you have the option to shop for alternative individual and family plans. These plans may offer fewer benefits but are available within your price range.

Children’s Health Insurance Program

This is also a government health plan designed to provide low-cost health coverage to the children in families who make more than the income limit to qualify for Medicaid but not enough to buy private insurance. In some of the states, pregnant women are also included in this coverage. Therefore, if your children need health coverage, then they may be eligible for this Children’s Health Insurance Program.

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Short-Term Health Insurance

Short-term health insurance is also an affordable solution if you are experiencing a lapse in coverage due to the loss of a job. These plans help you bridge the gap in your health insurance coverage until you find a long-term solution. Short-term plans are much cheaper than major medical health plans, but these plans do not have the same level of coverage.

Spouse’s Work Plan

If you are married, then you may have the option to join your spouse’s work plan. Your spouse can discuss with his/her employer to find whether you can be included in his/her plan or not. In this way, you can have health insurance without having a job, and that too at a reduced price. Employers cover a part or all of the health plan’s costs, so your cost toward the plan will not be much.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

If you are looking to buy individual or family health insurance plan, then you should get quotes from various health insurance companies. These plans work exactly in the same manner as the employer-sponsored plans.  However, you will have to bear the entire cost of the plans by yourself, and so these plans will be more expensive than employer-sponsored plans.

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