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Changes in Health Insurance ExpectedFebruary 10, 2021

Changes in Health Insurance Expected in the Year 2021

For the last few years, reform in healthcare has been in the news and people seem to be confused about what will happen in 2021. However, it is not a matter of few people but all need to know what are changes going to take place in 2021 and what will remain the same in […]

New Open Enrollment PeriodFebruary 9, 2021

New Open Enrollment Period Gives Another Opportunity to Enroll in Health Insurance

With President Joe Biden signing a flurry of executive orders on 28th January 2021 to reverse former President Trump’s policies, some vital changes are expected in the health insurance marketplace. One of the significant orders of the President involves reopening of the open enrollment period for government marketplace plans. This step of government would […]

Health Insurance ExchangeFebruary 8, 2021

An In-depth Overview on Health Insurance Exchange

A health insurance exchange or a health insurance marketplace is a comparison-shopping platform for diverse health insurance plans available in the market. Health insurance plans offered by the private health insurance companies are listed with the exchange, allowing people to compare and shop on the exchange from among the available health plan listings. The term […]

Facts Affordable Care ActFebruary 5, 2021

Five Vital Facts Related to Affordable Care Act Coverage

Individuals not having health insurance through work or a working spouse are eligible to receive health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act. While enrolling for ACA-compliant plans, individuals can be ensured that they will not be charged any extra or denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. All the ACA-compliant health plans are required to provide […]

Late Health Insurance PremiumsFebruary 4, 2021

Repercussions of Paying Late Health Insurance Premiums

Late payment of health insurance premiums is quite common and it is normal for many of us to get late for paying the health insurance premiums. The reason behind late payment may vary from person to person, but there are repercussions for late payment of premium and you need to understand the rules and how […]

Differences between Obamacare and MedicaidJanuary 28, 2021

What are Some Vital Differences between Obamacare and Medicaid?

The most significant difference between Obamacare and Medicaid is that Obamacare health plans are offered by private health insurance carriers whereas Medicaid is a government program designed for low-income individuals and families. Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act is a federal law used to refer to individual health insurance plans that are obtained through the […]

Repealing the Affordable Care ActJanuary 20, 2021

Consequences of Repealing the Affordable Care Act

The health insurance coverage future is uncertain for many Americans. The fate of nearly 20 million people lies in the hands of nine justices of the Supreme Court. President Trump was adamant to overturn the Affordable Care Act, and continuously attacked this law till the very end of his term. Oral hearings for the case […]

Health Insurance Options for ImmigrantsJanuary 18, 2021

What are the ACA-Compliant Health Insurance for Immigrants?

All the immigrants arriving in the U.S. first need to make effort to obtain health insurance because unlike other countries, the U.S. does not have universal health coverage, and even government-sponsored health plans like Medicare and Medicaid are not available for new immigrants. Some of the health insurance options for new immigrants as well as […]

Benchmark Plan under the ACAJanuary 14, 2021

Know Everything about a Benchmark Plan under the ACA

Individuals shopping for health insurance may have often come across the term benchmark plan because this term has been extensively used in the health insurance sector since the Affordable Care Act was made effective. The term “benchmark plan” generates confusion in the mind of people especially because it is used to describe two separate aspects […]

Critical Illness InsuranceJanuary 12, 2021

Critical Illness Insurance : What is It?

What Is Critical Illness Insurance? Critical illness insurance or critical care insurance is a type of health plan that compensates policyholders with a lump sum amount if they get diagnosed with a severe illness. A critical illness plan is different from a normal health insurance plan, though it can be purchased from the same insurance […]

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