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Dental Insurance for SeniorsDecember 16, 2020

Why Dental Insurance is Must for Seniors ?

Dental health is often considered just as a cosmetic concern, whereas there is a great possibility of serious issues with teeth, gums, and jaws that can affect people’s overall health. Dental problems can cause a wide range of problems, right from chronic pain and discomfort to infections and the risk of septic shock. Thus, to […]

affordable care act pros and consDecember 15, 2020

The Pros and Cons of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act or ACA was signed into law in 2010 to provide affordable health insurance coverage for all Americans. This act also saved and protected consumers from health insurance company tricks that may increase healthcare coverage costs or restrict their care. Millions of people in America have benefited from the ACA, as due […]

First Quote Health Deductible Vs Out-Of-PocketDecember 14, 2020

A Brief Comparison of Health Insurance Deductible Vs Out-of-Pocket Maximum

Every year all policyholders are required to spend a specific amount out-of-pocket on eligible healthcare services before their carrier starts paying any amount. The amount spent by the policyholders out-of-pocket every year is termed as the deductible, and the health insurance companies share the healthcare costs after policyholders meet the amount of their deductible. In […]

how much is health insuranceDecember 11, 2020

How Much the Health Insurance Plans Cost for Individuals of Different Income Groups ?

Americans are diligently shopping for ACA plans with just a few days left for the open enrollment period to end. The biggest concern for the people is the cost of health insurance, which primarily depends on five factors, age, income, family, size, location, and the type of plan they choose. Besides these factors, the price […]

Confused Between HMO and PPO PlansDecember 10, 2020

What is the Difference Between HMO and PPO ?

There are times in our lives when we have multiple choices and we happily pick the best option available. However, when it is time to choose the best health insurance plan, the multiple options start creating confusion. With so many options available we feel overwhelmed and find difficulty in picking the best plan to align […]

Reform Healthcare in the U.SDecember 7, 2020

Reasons to Reform Healthcare in the U.S.

Some prominent reasons strongly support that healthcare in the U.S. needs to be reformed. The skyrocketing price of healthcare, the need for improvement in the healthcare quality, 25% of Americans having no or little health insurance, and the economic costs of health care fraud are some valid reasons to reform healthcare. Around 2 million people […]

ACA-compliant health plansDecember 3, 2020

Health Care Plans Covering Preventive Care Considerably Reduces Healthcare Costs

Preventive care that is covered under ACA-compliant health plans protect people against the likelihood of health emergencies and also helps to keep healthcare costs low. It prevents illness or injury in people from becoming catastrophic or acute and aims to help people stay fit and healthy. Preventing care such as regular doctor visits allow people […]

Affordable Care ActDecember 2, 2020

Summary of the 10 Titles of the Affordable Care Act

Obamacare bill or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law on March 23, 2010. Though the majority of Americans have a basic idea of this act, but they are not aware of the many components of the bill. The Affordable Care Act comes with 10 sections known as titles, and the Secretary of […]

Switch your Health Insurance PlanNovember 30, 2020

Know the Process to Switch your Health Insurance Plan

There is a possibility that you may not be satisfied with your current health plan and looking to switch to a different health plan. The open enrollment period is the duration during which you can switch to a new plan. You need to know that switching health insurance plan is a two steps process, first, […]

travel health insurance planNovember 27, 2020

A Comprehensive Overview on Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance is crucial when people are planning a getaway, so people while planning their next trip should take time and shop for the best travel health insurance plan. People may be aware that health insurance provides coverage for things like wellness check-ups, vaccinations, illnesses, and injuries while they are within their country. A […]

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