Reasons to Buy Short-term Health Plans

Short-term Health Plans

Life is full of uncertainties, as an unforeseen incident might happen at any moment, leaving you devastated, and in dire need of medical attention. Unfortunately, if you land up in hospitals due to accidents or any other reason, the first thing that occurs to you is the hospital bills. Rather than worrying about your health conditions, you end up fearing your financial conditions that will surely be affected by incredibly high hospital bills. Doesn’t it sound scary? Luckily health insurance is present to make sure that you have a financial cushion if any such situation occurs in your life. Perhaps, there might be a time when you will not be able to afford normal health insurance coverage or you might have missed the open enrollment period. Well, in such scenarios you have the option of short-term health plans.

About Short-term Health Plans

A short-term health plan is a temporary coverage offering health insurance from a period of 1 month to up to 1 year, and in some states even for 3 years. If you don’t have a major health problem and require coverage for only some basic things like common illnesses, injuries, and emergencies, then short-term plans are the best option for you. You are supposed to pay only a small monthly premium as compared to the ACA-compliant plans and these plans prove handy in case if you face an injury or experience sudden health issues and are not enrolled in an ACA plan. However, you should remember that short-term plans do not cover benefits like annual check-ups, mental healthcare, and cost for prescription drugs in most cases but still the short-term plans can prove beneficial and a lifesaver in many situations. Moreover, it is always better and safer to have some level of financial protection instead of none.

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Reasons to Buy Short-term Health Plans

Certain situations and circumstances in life occur when you will find purchasing short-term plans as the best option available to you. Some of the situations are discussed below:

Coverage Gaps

There is a possibility that you couldn’t enroll during the enrollment period of a regular health plan due to some reasons. There can also be a gap in your coverage if you lose your job and also your health benefits. In such circumstances, you have to option to purchase a short-term plan so that you can cover your basic medical expenses for the limited duration. In case if you don’t buy short-term plans and you don’t have health insurance for a couple of months, and an unforeseen medical emergency occurs to you, then you will require to pay thousands of dollars in medical bills and possibly you can go into debt.


Another good reason to buy a short-term health plan is that it is flexible. Besides, you don’t have any restrictions over the period you wish to have coverage under a short-term plan. You are free to choose the period of your short-term plan as per your needs and can terminate the plan if you don’t require it anymore. For instance, if you are between jobs for months and you are having some medical issues that require attention, then you have the option to enroll in short-term plans. You have the option to avail short-term plan for 30 days, lasting up to 1 year. This plan is flexible and you can purchase it according to your situation and needs.

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Not having a health plan may save you from paying a monthly premium but this may not prove a smart decision always. If you have a limited budget to shop for a health plan, then buying a short-term plan is the smart option because this type of coverage if

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