Things to Ensure Before Enrolling in a Medicare Plan

Medicare Plan

People approaching 65 years of age is altogether a different experience for everyone. Some people may have already retired, some might be thinking about retirement or some might want to continue working for a while. There are a few things that people need to check when planning for health care after 65.

Properly Introspect about Current Health Plan

People while approaching the age of 65 years should carefully review their current health plan to have a good understanding of the coverage they currently have. They also need to find out whether their healthcare needs will change on turning 65 or not. They should also be aware of the healthcare services that they mostly use, as this will help them decide the medical benefits for which they will require coverage under their Medicare plan.

Browse through Medicare and Other Health Insurance Portals

People should know that not all Medicare plans are the same, so they should carefully research all the options available, even if they are not purchasing a Medicare plan in the near future. People should browse through health insurance websites as well as Medicare website to get a sense of the company values, the additional benefits they offer, along with their Medicare star ratings.

Know About Medicare Star Ratings

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services every year measures health plans in different areas, on the scale ranges from one to five stars. Five is the top score a plan can get. Plans get rated based on categories like preventive care, prescription drug services, and customer support. These ratings will help people to distinguish between a good and bad plan. A plan with rating 5 is generally a good plan whereas a plan with rating 1 is not a great plan. Health insurance companies list the ratings of their plans on their websites.

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Know about more options at community meetings

Most of the health insurance companies offering Medicare plans organize informational meetings around cities. The informational meeting is conducted by a Medicare expert of the company, who clear all queries of people related to Medicare plans by answering their questions. This meeting is a great opportunity for people to learn about Medicare plans and get one-on-one time with an expert.

Know about Medications

It is important for the people to take a quick check on the medications they are taking even if it is just one or two medicines. People should also consult with their doctors to know whether they will be requiring to take any medicines after 65 years of age. This will help them to look for a Medicare plan that has prescription drug coverage exactly as per their needs.

Confirm with Doctor whether they accept Medicare

People should know that not all doctors accept Medicare, so if people are trying to keep their doctor after their transition to Medicare, then they should ensure that their doctor accepts patients having Medicare plans. People can even make a call to the insurance company from whom they are planning to buy a plan to check whether their doctor takes the plan or not, or they can directly call the doctor’s office.

Enroll in Original Medicare

People should first enroll in Original Medicare, which is a federal government program offering hospital and medical coverage, before signing up for a private Medicare plan. People who are receiving Social Security benefits receive their Medicare card through the mail from the Social Security Administration three months before turning 65. People who don’t receive this card can call, mail, or pay a personal visit to their office. The office will confirm whether an individual is eligible for a Medicare plan or not and answer all their queries related to the plan.

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