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To know about the popularity of health insurance plans in the U.S., a survey of 500 people was conducted among the people. It was discovered that a majority of the people were overall satisfied with their health coverage, and it was also discovered that public-funded plans were more popular among the people compared to employer-sponsored or individual health insurance plans. The people were asked to tell about their satisfaction level with the health plans in terms of costs, deductibles, different types of healthcare services covered, providers, hospitals along with other aspects of the plan. The results of the survey showed that the majority of Americans are satisfied with their health plans, though that doesn’t mean people do not want major health insurance changes and people were showing great support for both a public health plan and Medicare for all.

The survey also revealed that people having Medicare and Medicaid were mostly satisfied with their coverage compared to people having an employer-sponsored plan or Individual health plan. The reason behind people liking public health plans more is that these plans usually have low costs than private plans and also offer better benefits than employer-sponsored and individual plans. Despite the majority of Americans having an employer-based plan, it was found in a survey that member satisfaction for those plans is far behind Medicare and Medicaid, and individual health plan is far behind employer-based plans. However, most of the Americas get coverage through employer-based plans.

People prefer Medicare and Medicaid plans than employer-based plans mainly because employer-based plan costs have increased over the past decade. It was also reported that employer-sponsored coverage exceeded a 5% increase over the previous year. However, in many cases, employer-sponsored health insurance has maintained consistent premiums though members have faced increased deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. It is a huge increase from a decade ago and the average annual deductible increased 36% over the past five years and 100% compared to a decade ago.

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The satisfaction of an individual health plan is low in the U.S. among the people and is more likely due to costs. The ACA-plans provide subsidies to lower-middle-class people and these subsidies assist people up to 400% of the federal poverty level. Thus, people with higher income pay more than the people who qualify for subsidies in the ACA market. There was a modest increase in the premium price of individual health plans in 2019 but still, members are spending much more on their health insurance than three years ago.

The Way Member’s Health Plan Influences Health Reform Support

It was also found in the survey that the majority of people in the U.S. have employer-based health insurance and around thirty-two percent of these people backed a public health plan. Around 19% of these people supported Medicare for all with private insurance and 16% of people with a job-based plan backed Medicare for all without private health insurers. Another 19% of people supported repealing the ACA. People having employer-sponsored plans are more likely to support ending the ACA plan than any other group. People with an individual plan or ACA plan are most likely to support a public health plan and around 38% of people with an individual plan want a public health plan. People having Medicare plans around 39% are likely to support Medicare for all without private insurance than any other group and around 29% of Medicare beneficiaries back Medicare for all with private insurers.

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