Women Need to Think Differently While Choosing Health Insurance for Themselves

Choosing Health Insurance

There are some things in which women are better compared to men, but unfortunately taking care of their health is not one of them. A digital health marketplace recent study stated that two-thirds of women prefer to wait than right away making a doctor’s appointment upon becoming sick. Unfortunately, women are more likely to avoid preventive care than men. Women’s decision to delay or avoid health care is mainly due to financial issues.  Now they need to differently think about their healthcare and need to avail of a proper health insurance plan. The women need to think differently, if they are one of the 40% of women who are a primary subscriber to a health insurance plan that covers their spouse and children too.

Women need to understand that they have specific health concerns, which they should take into account while choosing a health insurance plan. Due to the changes being made in the Affordable Care Act and other healthcare laws, new complications are coming on the way of women who are looking for health coverage. Women should know that Obamacare is still there, which means that if they have health insurance, then their scheduled preventive care is covered that includes HPV immunizations, annual well-woman visits, and mammograms every two years over the age of 40. It is observed that many women are not taking advantage of this, and they are acting against the idea to catch the problem early to treat it early also. Obamacare coverage also includes maternity care along with 95% to 100% of the contraception cost.

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Before the Affordable Care Act, if women were shopping for health insurance for themselves, the cost of the plan was more for them. On average they were charged around $34 a month, or $400 a year. This is not the case anymore. Now everything is covered, and health plans do not cost more to women. Women who feel loyalty towards their doctors or if they are just comfortable with their doctor, then they should make sure that their doctor accepts their chosen health plan. If they are planning to conceive and get pregnant, then women should particularly make sure that the gynecologists they wish to visit are in their plan. No woman will prefer paying less for a plan if her preferred doctors don’t accept her plan. Women very well know that it is worth paying a little extra to get the plan in which their preferred doctors are included. Besides, women should also make sure that their prescriptions are also covered in their plans.

Women’s health concerns are different, and they should take the insurance decision based on that. Some of the health concerns of which women should be aware of while buying health plans are heart disease, cancer, and stroke. Heart disease is the prime cause of death for women in the United States, as this problem is responsible for one-in-four deaths in women annually. Besides heart disease, cancer is the second most dangerous threat to a woman’s health. Lung cancer is mainly responsible for around 71,000 deaths of women in a year. Stroke is the other medical issue that causes 6% of all female deaths, and also the leading cause of long-term disability. Sixty percent of all stroke cases happen to women. Women who have a risk for any of these illnesses should consider a low-deductible plan. In this plan, women will be required to pay more upfront for their plan, but on experiencing any of these diseases, most of their overall costs will be covered.

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Looking at women’s healthcare risks especially under President Trump, it can be said that preventive care is going to stay for women. Obamacare plans have included a lot of women’s services as preventive care such as birth control. Such type of preventive care may go away under a new plan that replaces Obamacare. Women should take advantage of their health plan benefits and must get their annual visits.

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