Dental Insurance South Dakota

Best Dental Insurance Plans in South Dakota

Unlike health insurance, dental insurance is never taken seriously by people until they experience some dental issues. Visiting a dentist for dental care may also financially affect people. Thus, all the residents of South Dakota who often pay visits to the dentist can look to have a dental insurance plan to substantially save on dental care costs.

Purchase a Dental Plan to Start Saving on Dental Care

There are some good dental plans available for individuals and families at low monthly costs that help them reduce dental costs while visiting a dentist for obtaining dental care. Residents of South Dakota while shopping for dental plans will find some excellent options. The dental insurance plans available in South Dakota offer discounts on dental procedures that have no waiting periods, low deductibles, an extensive nationwide dental network, flexibility to see any dentists. Some of the popular dental plans available in South Dakota are:

PPO Dental Plans

A PPO dental plan is a managed care dental plan in which members are required to select a dentist from a network of dental care providers who agreed to render dental care services to members at reduced rates. PPO dental plans are popular among both people and dentists and nearly 3 out of 4 dental plans sold today is a PPO plan. Though with a PPO dental plan there are limits on the type of dental care that members can receive.

HMO Dental Plans

A dental health maintenance or DHMO is a managed care dental plan having a network of highly qualified dentists offering comprehensive and affordable dental care for individuals and families. In the HMO dental plans members are required to choose a dentist from the network and pay a low monthly premium to receive dental care services at either no cost or at a reduced cost. The dentists included in the network receive fixed monthly fees.

Discount Dental Plans

Members of Discount Dental Plans in South Dakota are allowed to save 20% to 60% on a wide range of dental services like cleanings, root canals, dentures, along with Orthodontics for children and adults. Some of the highlighting features of the discount dental plans are no limits on use, no waiting periods, no age limits, and an extensive nationwide dentist network.

Dental Indemnity Plans

Dental Indemnity plans or traditional dental insurance allow members to choose from the largest pool of dentists, and the members of this plan are free to visit any dentist. The indemnity dental insurance provider makes payments for dental care services after they receive and review the dentist’s bill.

Why Purchasing Dental Plans Make Sense in South Dakota

The cost of maintaining a healthy mouth can turn out to be thousands of dollars, but residents of South Dakota can have dental insurance plan at a much low price that will encourage them to have regular dental check-ups so that serious dental problems are prevented from occurring and people can obtain the benefits that come with their dental plans. Among all the different types of insurance products available in the market, a dental plan is unique because it is pretty affordable for the majority of people, and also because people immediately start getting benefits.

Some of The Reasons to Have a Dental Plan in South Dakota are Discussed Below:

Maintain a Healthy Mouth

Having a dental insurance plan is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth, because in absence of dental insurance people generally avoid visiting dentists. It is seen that people having dental plans regularly go for dental-checkups that prevent oral problems before they start. This is also the best way to keep dental care costs down. Most of the dental plans available in South Dakota pay 100% for check-ups every 6 months.

Help in Paying for Expensive Dental Care

People who regularly visit dentists even for regular exams can find costs to be mounted quickly if they have to pay out of pocket for themselves, children, and their spouses. Thus, to keep the dental care cost down, people can purchase a dental plan, as it generally pays all or a percentage of the dental care charges.

Protect Overall Health

People need to understand that regular dental care not only helps in maintaining oral hygiene but it is also essential for overall health. It has been revealed through studies that the mouth exhibit symptoms related to more than 120 different non-dental diseases, including heart disease and diabetes. Thus, even if people’s teeth and gums are fine they should regularly visit a dentist to ensure their overall health.

Significant Features of South Dakota Dental Plans

  • Dental plans in South Dakota is available for as low as $13 a month
  • Dental plans can be purchased for every age-group
  • The dental plan starts immediately, as plans don’t have waiting periods
  • Plans are available throughout the state
  • No one is denied dental coverage
  • Members of dental plans can receive specialists dentist service at a reduced price
  • Renowned professional dentists are included in the plan’s network
  • Some dental plans also provide coverage for dental implants and orthodontics

Dental Insurance Carriers in South Dakota

Some of the Popular Dental Plans Available in South Dakota

  • Silver FUSION Hybrid Plan offered by Ameritas
  • Preventive Plus offered by Humana
  • Loyalty Plus offered by Humana
  • Hollywood Smile Plus 2000 offered by Ameritas

Some of The Carriers Offering Dental Plans in South Dakota Include:

  • Humana
  • Surebridge
  • Ameritas Life Insurance Corp
  • Golden Rule Insurance Company

FAQ on South Dakota Dental Plans

Yes, it is worth having a dental insurance plan in South Dakota because dental plans will make dental care more affordable for you. Most of the dental insurance plans available in South Dakota focuses on prevention and therefore provide 100% coverage for preventive dental care services like regular check-ups and cleanings. Dental insurance plans also reduce your out-of-pocket costs for many dental procedures, as they share the cost with you.
If you are above 18 years of age and living in South Dakota, then you must be aware that your health insurance plan will not provide you dental coverage. As an adult living in South Dakota, you either need to purchase a stand-alone dental plan offered in your area or you can purchase a Medicare Advantage plan that includes dental coverage. Besides these two dental insurance options, you can also opt for a non-insurance option called a dental discount plan that helps you reduce your dental costs by a good percentage depending on the received dental procedure.
Most of the stand-alone dental plans available in South Dakota have a “100-80-50” benefits schedule. This means that the dental plans will provide coverage in a below-given manner:
100% of Preventive Care – The majority of the dental plans available in South Dakota provide 100% coverage for preventive dental care like routine and regular dental care preventing tooth decay and gum disease. Regular dental cares such as exams, x-rays, and annual or biannual cleanings are 100% covered under dental plans.
80% of Basic Dental Procedures – Some of the common oral treatments like tooth extraction, fillings, root canals, and treatments for gum disease are basic oral procedures, and 80% of the basic dental procedures are covered by most dental plans.
50% of Costs of Major Dental Procedures – Most of the dental plans available in South Dakota cover 50% of the cost of any major dental procedures like bridges, inlays, and dentures.
You need to keep in mind that these are some of the most common types of benefits included under dental plans. Every dental plan differently groups the dental treatments, some dental plans may consider root canals as a basic procedure whereas some dental plans may classify them as a major procedure.

In South Dakota, there are three types of dental plans available in most of the counties. The three types of dental plans available in the state are:

Preferred Provider Organization Dental Plan – PPO dental plan is a type of dental plan that has a network of participating dentists to whom members can visit to receive dental care. The dentists included in the network agree to negotiated rates with the insurance carriers to keep dental care costs down for the members of the plan.
Indemnity Dental Plan – Indemnity dental plan allows members to visit any dentist, as there is no network of dentists in this plan. Though you are free to visit any dentist, but your dental carrier will only pay Usual, Customary, and Reasonable. This means that when your dentist will submit the claim to your dental carrier, then the carrier will cross-check the cost of your received dental care with one of their network providers to see what they would have charged for that dental service. The carrier will then only pay benefits up to what their network provider would have charged.

Dental Discount Plans – These types of dental plans are like buying a membership to a club. Dental discount plans give discounts for specific dental services that members may need. Members need to visit dental care providers within the plan’s network to receive discounts.

Find a Right Affordable Plan For You